Matches this month
Premier A
09 Jan 2010New Malden A49 v 22Gems
09 Jan 2010Alpha A31 v 47HS
09 Jan 2010Claygate A53 v 42Omega
09 Jan 2010Pleiades A31 v 35Rushmoor A
23 Jan 2010Claygate A42 v 52Alpha A
23 Jan 2010Pleiades A39 v 24Gems
23 Jan 2010Rushmoor A50 v 49New Malden A
23 Jan 2010HS49 v 45Omega
Premier B
09 Jan 2010Tiffin A50 v 39Cobham A
09 Jan 2010New Malden B v Highlanders
09 Jan 2010Oxshott A60 v 71Purley A
09 Jan 2010Guildford A26 v 33Redhill A
23 Jan 2010Redhill A35 v 36Cobham A
23 Jan 2010Tiffin A42 v 37Guildford A
23 Jan 2010Oxshott A28 v 41Highlanders
23 Jan 2010Purley A56 v 38New Malden B
Premier C
09 Jan 2010Carlton A28 v 23Apollo
09 Jan 2010W. & Hersham A28 v 33Capital Nuns A
09 Jan 2010Pleiades B41 v 39Cenward
09 Jan 2010Whyteleafe A37 v 46Cobham B
23 Jan 2010Pleiades B41 v 27Capital Nuns A
23 Jan 2010Whyteleafe A47 v 47Carlton A
23 Jan 2010Apollo55 v 21Cobham B
23 Jan 2010Cenward41 v 29W. & Hersham A
Premier D
09 Jan 2010Tiffins B60 v 44Brads A
09 Jan 2010Alpha B45 v 31Hillcrest A
09 Jan 2010Whitton A v Thames
09 Jan 2010Focus A33 v 28The Downs
23 Jan 2010Tiffins B27 v 45Alpha B
23 Jan 2010Hillcrest A48 v 51Brads A
23 Jan 2010Focus A v Thames
23 Jan 2010The Downs26 v 48Whitton A
Division 1
09 Jan 2010Nonsuch32 v 34Astra A
09 Jan 2010Guildford B50 v 27Fairlands
09 Jan 2010Bank of England A26 v 53Lavender Park A
09 Jan 2010Tringham53 v 29Teamspirit
23 Jan 2010Astra A49 v 37Bank of England A
23 Jan 2010Tringham45 v 55Guildford B
23 Jan 2010Nonsuch21 v 55Lavender Park A
23 Jan 2010Fairlands29 v 45Teamspirit
Division 2
09 Jan 2010Whitton B48 v 34Capital Nuns B
09 Jan 2010Hampton A28 v 45Freds
09 Jan 2010Claygate B36 v 42Shots
23 Jan 2010Hampton A43 v 33Capital Nuns B
23 Jan 2010Claygate B57 v 33Elmbridge A
23 Jan 2010Freds41 v 29Whitton B
Division 3
09 Jan 2010W & Hersham B37 v 32Ashford
09 Jan 2010Whyteleafe B42 v 57Cobham C
09 Jan 2010Elmbridge B26 v 61Redhill B
09 Jan 2010Oxshott B51 v 65Rushmoor
23 Jan 2010Oxshott B42 v 52Ashford
23 Jan 2010Redhill B37 v 35Cobham C
23 Jan 2010Whyteleafe B v Elmbridge B
23 Jan 2010Rushmoor24 v 36W & Hersham B
Division 4
09 Jan 2010O.C.'s A49 v 44Fetcham A
09 Jan 2010F.D.D.32 v 42Hillcrest B
09 Jan 2010Oxshott C48 v 29Purley B
09 Jan 2010Elljays23 v 49W. Vandals A
23 Jan 2010Purley B24 v 31Elljays
23 Jan 2010O.C.'s A48 v 27F.D.D.
23 Jan 2010Hillcrest B57 v 33Fetcham A
23 Jan 2010Oxshott C35 v 45W. Vandals A
Division 5
09 Jan 2010Focus B32 v 29Astra B
09 Jan 2010O C's B55 v 26Grove House
09 Jan 2010Mole Valley57 v 36Lavender Park B
09 Jan 2010Ashtead27 v 30Teddington Bears
23 Jan 2010O C's B49 v 47Ashtead
23 Jan 2010Teddington Bears30 v 29Grove House
23 Jan 2010Focus B26 v 35Lavender Park B
23 Jan 2010Astra B23 v 39Mole Valley
Division 6
09 Jan 2010Whyteleafe C19 v 36Fetcham B
09 Jan 2010Hampton B41 v 41M.P.'s
09 Jan 2010Carlton B v Redhill C
09 Jan 2010Bank B v W. Vandals B
23 Jan 2010M.P.'s59 v 20Bank B
23 Jan 2010Whyteleafe C24 v 40Carlton B
23 Jan 2010Redhill C30 v 25Fetcham B
23 Jan 2010Hampton B34 v 30W. Vandals B
Division 7
09 Jan 2010Cranleigh49 v 32BA Homes
09 Jan 2010Parkside v Brads B
09 Jan 2010Oxshott D22 v 46Reigate
09 Jan 2010Doodlebugs77 v 17Teddington Tigers
23 Jan 2010BA Homes v Brads B
23 Jan 2010Parkside10 v 75Cranleigh
23 Jan 2010Reigate28 v 37Doodlebugs
23 Jan 2010Oxshott D v Teddington Tigers
 Latest News Stories
Vitality Roses to face All Stars, live on Sky Sports
England's Vitality Roses will face a Vitality Netball Superleague All Stars side in three Tests next week, with all three matches being shown live on Sky Sports and streamed on the Sky Sports YouTube channel.
Severn Stars announce charity partnership
Active Impact, a charity that supports disabled young people, will feature on the front of Severn Stars' new kit as part of a new fundraising and awareness-building partnership.
'One thing my body has failed at multiple times is pregnancy'
"Being an athlete, my body is my job and usually, does what it is told to do (trained to do). But, one thing my body has failed at multiple times is pregnancy. I never ever thought this would be the case or realise how absolutely devastating every loss is."
Thunder suspend player due to COVID breach
Manchester Thunder have suspended a member of their squad due to a breach of coronavirus restrictions.
New mother Usoro-Brown aims to inspire with return
Eboni Usoro-Brown wants to inspire female athletes to know starting a family and playing elite sport does not have to be an either-or choice.

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