Matches this month
Premier Division
16 Sep 2015Flames Reds22 v 48Clan
16 Sep 2015Camelot 152 v 15Flames Ashes
16 Sep 2015SAS Reds22 v 20SAS
23 Sep 2015Camelot 145 v 31Bedgrove Belles
23 Sep 2015Flames Ashes22 v 43SAS Reds
23 Sep 2015MK Netters48 v 17Wingrave Stars
Division 2
09 Sep 2015Flames Embers29 v 36Camelot 2
09 Sep 2015Matrix11 v 31Hares Blacks
09 Sep 2015Bedgrove Bullets16 v 31Quainton Blades
16 Sep 2015Camelot 236 v 28Bedgrove Bullets
16 Sep 2015Thame Tornadoes28 v 41Crendon Hearts
16 Sep 2015Flames Embers38 v 31Racketeers Blues
30 Sep 2015Quainton Blades26 v 16Matrix
30 Sep 2015Crendon Hearts42 v 33Racketeers Blues
30 Sep 2015Hares Blacks35 v 28Thame Tornadoes
Division 3
09 Sep 2015All Blacks sevens36 v 18Crendon Diamonds
09 Sep 2015Foxes38 v 26Kites Black
09 Sep 2015Phoenix33 v 38Saints
16 Sep 2015All Blacks sevens28 v 35Cherokees Red
16 Sep 2015Cherokees Pinks39 v 22Kites Red
16 Sep 2015Crendon Diamonds32 v 19Phoenix
23 Sep 2015Kites Black26 v 32Cherokees Pinks
23 Sep 2015Kites Red23 v 51Cherokees Red
23 Sep 2015Saints21 v 36Foxes
30 Sep 2015Foxes23 v 18Cherokees Pinks
30 Sep 2015All Blacks sevens47 v 20Phoenix
30 Sep 2015Crendon Diamonds20 v 42Saints
Division 4
09 Sep 2015Flames Sparks27 v 33Flames Zimmers
09 Sep 2015Wingrave Rockets35 v 23Thame Hurricanes
16 Sep 2015Hares Green33 v 29Jubilees
16 Sep 2015Crendon Aces13 v 46Wingrave Comets
23 Sep 2015Wingrave Rockets27 v 38Flames Sparks
23 Sep 2015Thame Hurricanes23 v 25Flames Zimmers
30 Sep 2015Crendon Aces16 v 55Hares Green
30 Sep 2015Wingrave Comets32 v Jubilees
Division 5
09 Sep 2015Southcott31 v 22Raggy Dolls
09 Sep 2015Thame Cyclones11 v 28Wendover Sparrow Hawks
16 Sep 2015Quainton Sails12 v 26Flames Blazes
16 Sep 2015Wingrave Jets24 v 32Team Storm
23 Sep 2015Wendover Sparrow Hawks31 v 23Raggy Dolls
23 Sep 2015Thame Cyclones14 v 20Southcott
30 Sep 2015Flames Blazes23 v 49Team Storm
30 Sep 2015Quainton Sails18 v 40Wingrave Jets
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