Matches this month
Premier A
12 Sep 2015Omega41 v 29Barnes A
12 Sep 2015Hillcrest A61 v 29Gems
12 Sep 2015Alpha A45 v 45Pleiades
12 Sep 2015Fairlands A29 v 39Whyteleafe A
26 Sep 2015Omega35 v 24Alpha A
26 Sep 2015Barnes A39 v 36Fairlands A
26 Sep 2015Gems31 v 30Pleiades
26 Sep 2015Hillcrest A43 v 25Whyteleafe A
Premier B
12 Sep 2015Carlton A49 v 53Cobham A
12 Sep 2015Guildford A29 v 63Hampton A
12 Sep 2015Highlanders24 v 40Rushmoor A
12 Sep 2015Lavender Park A30 v 48Whitton A
26 Sep 2015Guildford A44 v 57Carlton A
26 Sep 2015Whitton A39 v 57Cobham A
26 Sep 2015Hampton A48 v 54Highlanders
26 Sep 2015Lavender Park A42 v 40Rushmoor A
Premier C
12 Sep 2015Capital Nuns A19 v 34Cobham B
12 Sep 2015Team Rock32 v 36Redhill A
12 Sep 2015Brads A17 v 46Tiffin A
12 Sep 2015Karisma v Tringham A
26 Sep 2015Brads A26 v 34Capital Nuns A
26 Sep 2015Tringham A38 v 50Cobham B
26 Sep 2015Karisma56 v 44Redhill A
26 Sep 2015Tiffin A42 v 34Team Rock
Premier D
12 Sep 2015Apollo43 v 31Cobham C
12 Sep 2015Oxshott A47 v 24Teddington Club
12 Sep 2015Weybridge Vandals A44 v 22Whitton B
12 Sep 2015Walton & Hersham A45 v 40Whyteleafe B
26 Sep 2015Oxshott A50 v 42Apollo
26 Sep 2015Whitton B42 v 36Cobham C
26 Sep 2015Teddington Club42 v 33Walton & Hersham A
26 Sep 2015Weybridge Vandals A v Whyteleafe B
Division 1
12 Sep 2015Guildford B24 v 53Fetcham A
12 Sep 2015Hillcrest B39 v 39Nonsuch
12 Sep 2015Capital Nuns B37 v 15Pleiades B
12 Sep 2015Dorking A28 v 32Rushmoor B
26 Sep 2015Guildford B39 v 26Capital Nuns B
26 Sep 2015Fetcham A34 v 23Dorking A
26 Sep 2015Nonsuch37 v 31Pleiades B
26 Sep 2015Hillcrest B32 v 28Rushmoor B
Division 2
12 Sep 2015Claygate42 v 38Cumberland
12 Sep 2015Oxshott B47 v 39Hampton B
12 Sep 2015W Park Lions A40 v 36Redhill B
12 Sep 2015Reigate A27 v 40The Downs
26 Sep 2015Oxshott B56 v 37Claygate
26 Sep 2015The Downs32 v 26Cumberland
26 Sep 2015Reigate A33 v 39Redhill B
26 Sep 2015Hampton B48 v 42W Park Lions A
Division 3
12 Sep 2015Fairlands B34 v 28Bank of England
12 Sep 2015Woking Seymours A47 v 42Barnes
12 Sep 2015Carlton B46 v 39Cobham D
12 Sep 2015Lavender Park B49 v 17Focus A
26 Sep 2015Lavender Park B39 v 32Bank of England
26 Sep 2015Woking Seymours A31 v 59Carlton B
26 Sep 2015Focus A37 v 31Cobham D
26 Sep 2015Barnes41 v 47Fairlands B
Division 4
12 Sep 2015Alpha B35 v 34Ashford
12 Sep 2015Oxshott C45 v 34Elmbridge A
12 Sep 2015Walton & Hersham B41 v 26Surrey Jets A
26 Sep 2015Oxshott C41 v 21Alpha B
26 Sep 2015Hillcrest C32 v 28Surrey Jets A
26 Sep 2015Elmbridge A26 v 40Walton & Hersham B
Division 5
12 Sep 2015Saints A43 v 22M Ps A
12 Sep 2015Weybridge Vandals B46 v 21O Cs
12 Sep 2015Fairlands C37 v 22Surrey Jets B
12 Sep 2015Teddington Bears42 v 51Tiffin C
26 Sep 2015Tiffin C33 v 35Fairlands C
26 Sep 2015O Cs21 v 39M Ps A
26 Sep 2015Teddington Bears30 v 43Saints A
26 Sep 2015Weybridge Vandals B39 v 24Surrey Jets B
Division 6
12 Sep 2015Old Reigations A29 v 48Cobham Blues
12 Sep 2015Ashtead38 v 46Ellejays
12 Sep 2015Oxshott D16 v 61Fetcham B
12 Sep 2015Dorking B32 v 27Whyteleafe C
26 Sep 2015Ellejays28 v 54Cobham Blues
26 Sep 2015Fetcham B54 v 23Dorking B
26 Sep 2015Oxshott D46 v 48Old Reigations A
26 Sep 2015Ashtead55 v 33Whyteleafe C
Division 7
12 Sep 2015Brads B17 v 35Elmbridge B
12 Sep 2015Reigate B27 v 27Focus B
12 Sep 2015Grove House35 v 23M Ps B
12 Sep 2015Walton & Hersham C41 v 31Surrey Jets C
26 Sep 2015Brads B17 v 29Grove House
26 Sep 2015Focus B39 v 26M Ps B
26 Sep 2015Reigate B32 v 21Surrey Jets C
26 Sep 2015Elmbridge B41 v 33Walton & Hersham C
Division 8
12 Sep 2015Hillcrest D v Hall Grove
12 Sep 2015Woking Seymours B24 v 12Hampton C
12 Sep 2015Thames Ditton38 v 25Redhill C
12 Sep 2015Old Reigations B5 v 52Surrey Panthers A
26 Sep 2015Woking Seymours B82 v 0Old Reigations B
26 Sep 2015Hillcrest D24 v 30Redhill C
26 Sep 2015Hall Grove v Surrey Panthers A
26 Sep 2015Hampton C25 v 41Thames Ditton
Division 9
12 Sep 2015Saints B41 v 16Surrey Panthers B
12 Sep 2015W Park Lions B v Teddington Swans
12 Sep 2015Putney Ladies14 v 31Tringham
26 Sep 2015Tringham38 v 17Surrey Panthers B
26 Sep 2015Putney Ladies v Teddington Swans
26 Sep 2015Grasshoppers35 v 33W Park Lions B
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