Matches this month
Division 1
10 Oct 2013Scarlett Ladies35 v 26J.S.T
10 Oct 2013Ormskirk31 v 33Millstone
10 Oct 2013Cougars46 v 13Robin Park Ladies
10 Oct 2013Panthers14 v 42Suregrow
17 Oct 2013Suregrow15 v 41Ormskirk
17 Oct 2013Millstone37 v 18Panthers
17 Oct 2013J.S.T24 v 28Robin Park Ladies
17 Oct 2013Limited Edition32 v 23Scarlett Ladies
31 Oct 2013Cougars29 v 21Limited Edition
31 Oct 2013Ormskirk50 v 24Panthers
31 Oct 2013Suregrow32 v 31Robin Park Ladies
31 Oct 2013Millstone37 v 14Scarlett Ladies
Division 2
10 Oct 2013St. Peters31 v 22Jets
10 Oct 2013Tigers24 v 36Misfits
10 Oct 2013Outkasts28 v 37Scorpions
10 Oct 2013Titans31 v 31Tyldesley
17 Oct 2013Jets28 v 30Outkasts
17 Oct 2013Scorpions32 v 15St. Peters
17 Oct 2013Manor House21 v 25Tigers
17 Oct 2013Misfits26 v 17Tyldesley
31 Oct 2013Titans26 v 31Manor House
31 Oct 2013St. Peters24 v 38Outkasts
31 Oct 2013Jets12 v 32Tigers
31 Oct 2013Scorpions21 v 48Tyldesley
Division 3
10 Oct 2013Saints 231 v 13Castle Hill Crusaders
10 Oct 2013Skelmersdale23 v 19Daisy Hill Ladies
10 Oct 2013Warriors Foundation24 v 12Flames
10 Oct 2013B2N (Wigan Back 2 Netball)10 v 24Vipers
17 Oct 2013Flames18 v 25B2N (Wigan Back 2 Netball)
17 Oct 2013Daisy Hill Ladies27 v 13Castle Hill Crusaders
17 Oct 2013Saints 124 v 24Skelmersdale
17 Oct 2013Vipers28 v 39Warriors Foundation
31 Oct 2013Warriors Foundation23 v 17B2N (Wigan Back 2 Netball)
31 Oct 2013Vipers28 v 10Castle Hill Crusaders
31 Oct 2013Saints 222 v 33Saints 1
31 Oct 2013Flames31 v 11Skelmersdale
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