Matches this month
Division 1
04 Oct 2010Mold Ravens30 v 34Deeside Devils
04 Oct 2010Wrexham Ladies50 v 52Sharp Ladies
11 Oct 2010Wrexham Ladies70 v 30Deeside Degrees
11 Oct 2010Colwyn Sports33 v 46Deeside Demons
18 Oct 2010Mold Ravens31 v 47Hafod Johnstown
18 Oct 2010Deeside Devils35 v 52Sharp Ladies
25 Oct 2010Mold Ravens27 v 44Colwyn Sports
25 Oct 2010Deeside Demons52 v 43Wrexham Ladies
Division 2
04 Oct 2010M&S44 v 30Deeside Dominoes
04 Oct 2010Rhosnesni Ravens53 v 25Flint Foxes
04 Oct 2010Mold Dragons20 v 39P&K
11 Oct 2010Rhosnesni Ravens52 v 20Flint Ladies
11 Oct 2010Sharp Harlequins42 v 35P&K
11 Oct 2010Divas36 v 18Wrexham Jets
18 Oct 2010Wrexham Jets43 v 32Deeside Dominoes
18 Oct 2010Divas42 v 22Flint Foxes
18 Oct 2010M&S23 v 11Mold Dragons
25 Oct 2010Divas v Flint Ladies
25 Oct 2010M&S30 v 32P&K
25 Oct 2010Rhosnesni Ravens v Sharp Harlequins
Division 3
04 Oct 2010Forresters55 v 34Bank of Scotland
04 Oct 2010Rhosnesni Robins33 v 24Connah's Quay Comets
04 Oct 2010Wrexham Warriors21 v 41Holywell Hotshots
11 Oct 2010Rhosnesni Wrens20 v 31Bank of America
11 Oct 2010Forresters47 v 19Diva Dragons
11 Oct 2010Holywell Ladies35 v 46Holywell Hotshots
18 Oct 2010Rhosnesni Wrens19 v 41Bank of Scotland
18 Oct 2010Bank of America41 v 21Connah's Quay Comets
18 Oct 2010Rhosnesni Robins25 v 49Wrexham Warriors
25 Oct 2010Rhosnesni Wrens22 v 43Diva Dragons
25 Oct 2010Rhosnesni Robins23 v 47Holywell Hotshots
25 Oct 2010Forresters82 v 13Holywell Ladies

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