Matches this month
Tuesday League - Season 3
04 Apr 2023Inferno15 v 0BYE
04 Apr 2023Mash Up25 v 22HotShots
04 Apr 2023St. Andrews21 v 20Inferno Red
04 Apr 2023Bees12 v 32Wild Cats
18 Apr 2023HotShots14 v 38Bees
18 Apr 2023BYE0 v 15Mash Up
18 Apr 2023Inferno45 v 14St. Andrews
18 Apr 2023Inferno Red21 v 34Wild Cats
25 Apr 2023HotShots15 v 0BYE
25 Apr 2023Wild Cats14 v 22Inferno
25 Apr 2023Bees28 v 17Inferno Red
25 Apr 2023Mash Up28 v 9St. Andrews
Wednesday Mixed League - Season 3
05 Apr 2023Pythons15 v 0BYE
05 Apr 2023Royal Rumble19 v 21Cobras
05 Apr 2023Venom12 v 14Sutton Stars Pink
05 Apr 2023Court In the Act6 v 33Vipers
19 Apr 2023Sutton Stars Pink15 v 0BYE
19 Apr 2023Cobras7 v 22Pythons
19 Apr 2023Vipers21 v 8Royal Rumble
19 Apr 2023Court In the Act13 v 24Venom
26 Apr 2023Sutton Stars Pink16 v 13Cobras
26 Apr 2023BYE0 v 15Court In the Act
26 Apr 2023Pythons16 v 17Royal Rumble
26 Apr 2023Venom10 v 33Vipers

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