Matches this month
Premier Division
08 Jan 2022Copsewood A48 v 48Ambleside A
08 Jan 2022Ernesford A v Earlsdon Highway A
08 Jan 2022Earlsdon Highway B43 v 49Henley A
08 Jan 2022Leamington A28 v 39Leamington B
08 Jan 2022Ambleside B51 v 33Stockton A
15 Jan 2022Earlsdon Highway A v Ambleside A
15 Jan 2022Ambleside B65 v 44Copsewood A
15 Jan 2022Stockton A33 v 44Earlsdon Highway B
15 Jan 2022Leamington B46 v 42Ernesford A
15 Jan 2022Henley A39 v 19Leamington A
22 Jan 2022Earlsdon Highway B v Ambleside B
22 Jan 2022Copsewood A v Earlsdon Highway A
22 Jan 2022Ernesford A21 v 52Henley A
22 Jan 2022Ambleside A v Leamington B
22 Jan 2022Leamington A v Stockton A
Division 1
08 Jan 2022C and NW A49 v 23Ambleside C
08 Jan 2022Griff and Coton A19 v 43Copsewood B
08 Jan 2022Bulkington A33 v 40Ernesford B
08 Jan 2022Henley B51 v 22Godiva A
08 Jan 2022Rugby Ladies A44 v 37Synergy A
15 Jan 2022Godiva A40 v 46Ambleside C
15 Jan 2022Copsewood B60 v 44Bulkington A
15 Jan 2022Griff and Coton A v C and NW A
15 Jan 2022Synergy A v Henley B
15 Jan 2022Ernesford B v Rugby Ladies A
22 Jan 2022Rugby Ladies A v Copsewood B
22 Jan 2022Henley B v Ernesford B
22 Jan 2022C and NW A v Godiva A
22 Jan 2022Bulkington A v Griff and Coton A
22 Jan 2022Ambleside C v Synergy A
Division 2
08 Jan 2022Copsewood C v C and NW B
08 Jan 2022Sphinx A41 v 46Earlsdon Highway C
08 Jan 2022Hinckley A45 v 48Henley C
08 Jan 2022Offchurch A v Jets
08 Jan 2022Leamington C58 v 35Leamington D
15 Jan 2022Earlsdon Highway C58 v 35C and NW B
15 Jan 2022Offchurch A48 v 44Copsewood C
15 Jan 2022Jets v Hinckley A
15 Jan 2022Henley C40 v 48Leamington C
15 Jan 2022Leamington D41 v 50Sphinx A
22 Jan 2022Copsewood C v Earlsdon Highway C
22 Jan 2022Sphinx A v Henley C
22 Jan 2022Leamington C v Jets
22 Jan 2022C and NW B v Leamington D
22 Jan 2022Hinckley A v Offchurch A
Division 3
08 Jan 2022Ernesford C43 v 21Alvis B
08 Jan 2022Stockton B42 v 29Bulkington B
08 Jan 2022Alvis A39 v 65Harbury A
08 Jan 2022Ambleside D19 v 35Jaguar Landrover A
08 Jan 2022Synergy B25 v 35Rugby Ladies B
15 Jan 2022Jaguar Landrover A34 v 39Alvis A
15 Jan 2022Alvis B51 v 56Bulkington B
15 Jan 2022Rugby Ladies B21 v 42Ernesford C
15 Jan 2022Ambleside D v Stockton B
15 Jan 2022Harbury A73 v 32Synergy B
22 Jan 2022Stockton B v Alvis B
22 Jan 2022Alvis A v Ambleside D
22 Jan 2022Ernesford C v Harbury A
22 Jan 2022Synergy B v Jaguar Landrover A
22 Jan 2022Bulkington B v Rugby Ladies B
Division 4
08 Jan 2022Godiva B36 v 43Arleys Angels
08 Jan 2022Offchurch B46 v 15Copsewood D
08 Jan 2022Stockton C v Griff and Coton B
08 Jan 2022Henley D40 v 34Hinckley B
08 Jan 2022Leamington E26 v 45Rugby Ladies C
15 Jan 2022Copsewood D v Godiva B
15 Jan 2022Hinckley B v Griff and Coton B
15 Jan 2022Rugby Ladies C v Henley D
15 Jan 2022Arleys Angels v Leamington E
15 Jan 2022Offchurch B v Stockton C
22 Jan 2022Henley D v Arleys Angels
22 Jan 2022Leamington E v Copsewood D
22 Jan 2022Stockton C v Hinckley B
22 Jan 2022Godiva B v Offchurch B
22 Jan 2022Griff and Coton B v Rugby Ladies C
Division 5
08 Jan 2022Cherry Bombs A11 v 29Alec High
08 Jan 2022C and NW C v Ambleside E
08 Jan 2022Harbury B20 v 26Hinckley C
08 Jan 2022Copsewood E25 v 23Stockton D
08 Jan 2022Earlsdon Highway D v Whitnash
15 Jan 2022Hinckley C38 v 19Ambleside E
15 Jan 2022Copsewood E25 v 44C and NW C
15 Jan 2022Whitnash v Cherry Bombs A
15 Jan 2022Stockton D30 v 31Earlsdon Highway D
15 Jan 2022Alec High v Harbury B
22 Jan 2022Ambleside E v Alec High
22 Jan 2022Earlsdon Highway D v Copsewood E
22 Jan 2022C and NW C v Hinckley C
22 Jan 2022Cherry Bombs A v Stockton D
22 Jan 2022Harbury B v Whitnash
Division 6
08 Jan 2022Alvis C27 v 66Ernesford D
08 Jan 2022Henley E43 v 31Godiva C
08 Jan 2022Jaguar Landrover B13 v 41Offchurch C
08 Jan 2022Griff and Coton C23 v 36Sphnix B
15 Jan 2022Sphnix B v Alvis C
15 Jan 2022Synergy C12 v 43Henley E
15 Jan 2022Griff and Coton C22 v 26Jaguar Landrover B
15 Jan 2022Godiva C20 v 62Offchurch C
22 Jan 2022Henley E v Ernesford D
22 Jan 2022Jaguar Landrover B v Godiva C
22 Jan 2022Alvis C v Griff and Coton C
22 Jan 2022Offchurch C v Synergy C
Division 7
08 Jan 2022Ernesford E28 v 32Alvis D
08 Jan 2022Stockton E68 v 16Griff and Coton D
08 Jan 2022Hinckley E21 v 23Hinckley D
08 Jan 2022C and NW D43 v 28Warwick Ladies A
15 Jan 2022Hinckley D36 v 43Ernesford E
15 Jan 2022Alvis D72 v 16Griff and Coton D
15 Jan 2022Ernesford F v Hinckley E
15 Jan 2022C and NW D v Stockton E
22 Jan 2022Stockton E v Alvis D
22 Jan 2022Ernesford E v Ernesford F
22 Jan 2022Griff and Coton D v Hinckley D
22 Jan 2022Hinckley E v Warwick Ladies A
Division 8
08 Jan 2022Alvis E10 v 28Bedworth A
08 Jan 2022Warwick ladies B v C and NW E
08 Jan 2022Ernesford G23 v 26Earlsdon Highway E
08 Jan 2022Bedworth B33 v 28Hinckley F
08 Jan 2022Offchurch D30 v 28Stockton F
15 Jan 2022Stockton F55 v 19Alvis E
15 Jan 2022Bedworth A33 v 17Bedworth B
15 Jan 2022Earlsdon Highway E37 v 33C and NW E
15 Jan 2022Hinckley F23 v 43Ernesford G
15 Jan 2022Offchurch D29 v 47Warwick ladies B
22 Jan 2022Ernesford G v Bedworth A
22 Jan 2022Warwick ladies B v Earlsdon Highway E
22 Jan 2022C and NW E v Hinckley F
22 Jan 2022Alvis E v Offchurch D
22 Jan 2022Bedworth B v Stockton F

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