Matches this month
Division 1
05 May 2020Bournville v CBH
05 May 2020Blackbird Majors v Panthers 1
05 May 2020Alvechurch Pink Panthers v Ryland Raptors
06 May 2020Blazin Angels v Lodge Park Indigo
06 May 2020Stratford Thunderbirds 1 v Redditch
12 May 2020Lodge Park Indigo v Bournville
12 May 2020Ryland Raptors v Stratford Thunderbirds 1
13 May 2020CBH v Alvechurch Pink Panthers
13 May 2020Redditch v Blackbird Majors
13 May 2020Panthers 1 v Blazin Angels
19 May 2020Bournville v Panthers 1
19 May 2020Blackbird Majors v Ryland Raptors
20 May 2020CBH v Lodge Park Indigo
20 May 2020Blazin Angels v Redditch
20 May 2020Alvechurch Pink Panthers v Stratford Thunderbirds 1
26 May 2020Ryland Raptors v Blazin Angels
26 May 2020Panthers 1 v CBH
27 May 2020Lodge Park Indigo v Alvechurch Pink Panthers
27 May 2020Stratford Thunderbirds 1 v Blackbird Majors
27 May 2020Redditch v Bournville
Division 2
05 May 2020Alcester Hearts v Alvechurch Allsorts Panthers
05 May 2020Redditch Pearls v Comets Ice
06 May 2020Vixens v Blackbird Divas
06 May 2020Stratford Thunderbirds 2 v Blackhorse
06 May 2020Panthers 2 v Hotshot Hornets
12 May 2020Comets Ice v Alcester Hearts
12 May 2020Panthers 2 v Redditch Pearls
12 May 2020OB Bullets v Stratford Thunderbirds 2
13 May 2020Blackhorse v Alvechurch Allsorts Panthers
13 May 2020Hotshot Hornets v Vixens
19 May 2020Alcester Hearts v Blackhorse
19 May 2020Vixens v Comets Ice
19 May 2020Redditch Pearls v OB Bullets
20 May 2020Alvechurch Allsorts Panthers v Blackbird Divas
20 May 2020Stratford Thunderbirds 2 v Hotshot Hornets
26 May 2020OB Bullets v Alcester Hearts
26 May 2020Hotshot Hornets v Alvechurch Allsorts Panthers
26 May 2020Redditch Pearls v Stratford Thunderbirds 2
27 May 2020Comets Ice v Blackbird Divas
27 May 2020Panthers 2 v Vixens
Division 3
07 May 2020Firefox Flames v Alvechurch Black Panthers
07 May 2020Alcester Aces v Comets Tornadoes
07 May 2020Panthers 3 v Ryland Rockets
07 May 2020Lodge Park Violets v Stratford Thunderbirds 3
14 May 2020Stratford Thunderbirds 3 v Alcester Aces
14 May 2020Firefox Flames v Lodge Park Violets
14 May 2020Comets Tornadoes v Panthers 3
14 May 2020Alvechurch Black Panthers v Ryland Rockets
21 May 2020Stratford Thunderbirds 3 v Alvechurch Black Panthers
21 May 2020Ryland Rockets v Comets Tornadoes
21 May 2020Panthers 3 v Firefox Flames
21 May 2020Alcester Aces v Lodge Park Violets
Division 4
04 May 2020Alcester Clubs v Alcester Spades
04 May 2020The Swans v Firefox Kingsley
04 May 2020Stratford Thunderbirds 4 v Firefox Sparks
04 May 2020Redditch Rubies v Henley Hotshots
11 May 2020Henley Hotshots v Alcester Clubs
11 May 2020Firefox Sparks v Alcester Spades
11 May 2020Redditch Rubies v Stratford Thunderbirds 4
11 May 2020Jaguars v The Swans
18 May 2020Alcester Spades v Firefox Kingsley
18 May 2020Alcester Clubs v Firefox Sparks
18 May 2020The Swans v Henley Hotshots
18 May 2020Stratford Thunderbirds 4 v Jaguars
28 May 2020Firefox Kingsley v Firefox Sparks
28 May 2020Alcester Spades v Henley Hotshots
28 May 2020Alcester Clubs v Jaguars
28 May 2020The Swans v Redditch Rubies
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