Matches this month
Division 1
01 Oct 2019CP Eagles27 v 5Beccles Bluebirds
01 Oct 2019Petes28 v 45CP Kestrels
01 Oct 2019Sirens30 v 0Leaders
08 Oct 2019Leaders12 v 33CP Eagles
08 Oct 2019Sirens12 v 15CP Kestrels
08 Oct 2019Beccles Bluebirds15 v 32Luma
15 Oct 2019Leaders20 v 47CP Kestrels
15 Oct 2019CP Eagles27 v 11Luma
15 Oct 2019Beccles Bluebirds25 v 20Petes
29 Oct 2019Sirens7 v 38CP Eagles
29 Oct 2019Petes26 v 36Leaders
29 Oct 2019CP Kestrels35 v 18Luma
Division 2
01 Oct 2019CP Ravens50 v 8CP Harriers
01 Oct 2019Beccles Hawks30 v 0M and H KOS
01 Oct 2019CP Robins49 v 14Vintage
08 Oct 2019Beccles and Langley Kites5 v 23CP Harriers
08 Oct 2019Beccles Hawks33 v 18CP Ravens
08 Oct 2019Venture14 v 29M and H KOS
15 Oct 2019Vintage31 v 23CP Harriers
15 Oct 2019Venture22 v 27CP Ravens
15 Oct 2019M and H KOS17 v 40CP Robins
29 Oct 2019Venture2 v 46CP Robins
29 Oct 2019CP Harriers30 v 0M and H KOS
29 Oct 2019Beccles and Langley Kites4 v 37Vintage
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