Matches this month
Group 4
01 Oct 2018Our Lady of Fatima17 v 6Paganel
08 Oct 2018Paganel0 v 3EHS A
15 Oct 2018EHS A16 v 0Our Lady of Fatima
High 5 Section 1
01 Oct 2018St Martin de Porres3 v 13Harbourne
01 Oct 2018St Bernards3 v 1Moseley C of E
08 Oct 2018Harbourne5 v 2St Bernards
15 Oct 2018Harbourne15 v 2Moseley C of E
High 5 Section 2
01 Oct 2018Yardley Wood1 v 10Chilcote
01 Oct 2018Cedars Academy20 v 0Hollywood
08 Oct 2018Yardley Wood v Cedars Academy
08 Oct 2018Hollywood1 v 17Chilcote
15 Oct 2018Chilcote6 v 6Cedars Academy
15 Oct 2018Yardley Wood4 v 3Hollywood
High 5 Section 3
01 Oct 2018St Catherine of Sienna3 v 5English Martyrs
01 Oct 2018Harper Bell v Oasis Hobmoor
08 Oct 2018Oasis Hobmoor0 v 11English Martyrs
08 Oct 2018St Catherine of Sienna v Harper Bell
15 Oct 2018English Martyrs7 v 2Harper Bell
15 Oct 2018Oasis Hobmoor v St Catherine of Sienna

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