Matches this month
Division 1
05 Jan 2019Lavender Park47 v 59Fairlands A
05 Jan 2019Capital Nuns A47 v 54Hillcrest A
05 Jan 2019Wandsworth A47 v 59The Downs
05 Jan 2019Omega A59 v 27Whyteleafe A
19 Jan 2019Lavender Park40 v 55Capital Nuns A
19 Jan 2019Omega A51 v 40Hillcrest A
19 Jan 2019Fairlands A51 v 42The Downs
19 Jan 2019Whyteleafe A42 v 59Wandsworth A
Division 2
05 Jan 2019CMO A33 v 59Alpha A
05 Jan 2019KCLA Yellow37 v 31Chequers A
05 Jan 2019Redhill A38 v 62Crystal Palace A
05 Jan 2019Pleiades A51 v 27Karisma
19 Jan 2019Crystal Palace A44 v 30Alpha A
19 Jan 2019Pleiades A47 v 37Chequers A
19 Jan 2019Karisma49 v 47CMO A
19 Jan 2019Redhill A36 v 58KCLA Yellow
Division 3
05 Jan 2019Roundwood A57 v 46Alpha B
05 Jan 2019Wandsworth B58 v 40Fairlands B
05 Jan 2019HS35 v 50Hillcrest B
05 Jan 2019Pleiades B38 v 47Warren Z A
19 Jan 2019Fairlands B53 v 50Alpha B
19 Jan 2019Pleiades B43 v 61Hillcrest B
19 Jan 2019Wandsworth B53 v 57HS
19 Jan 2019Warren Z A60 v 56Roundwood A
Division 4
05 Jan 2019Redhill B54 v 35Bank of England
05 Jan 2019Capital Nuns B65 v 52Chequers B
05 Jan 2019Wandsworth C42 v 34Demonettes A
05 Jan 2019All Stars24 v 44Warren Z B
19 Jan 2019Redhill B56 v 40Capital Nuns B
19 Jan 2019All Stars47 v 43Chequers B
19 Jan 2019Bank of England20 v 54Demonettes A
19 Jan 2019Warren Z B19 v 57Wandsworth C
Division 5
05 Jan 2019Roundwood B22 v 47Alpha C
05 Jan 2019Wandsworth D20 v 72Crystal Palace B
05 Jan 2019HSBC61 v 31Lifeline A
05 Jan 2019United27 v 8Whyteleafe B
19 Jan 2019Crystal Palace B52 v 28Alpha C
19 Jan 2019Wandsworth D43 v 45HSBC
19 Jan 2019United48 v 27Lifeline A
19 Jan 2019Whyteleafe B46 v 45Roundwood B
Division 6
05 Jan 2019CMO B24 v 39Croham
05 Jan 2019Wandsworth E43 v 28Fairlands C
05 Jan 2019KCLA Red54 v 39Hillcrest C
05 Jan 2019Omega B50 v 36Phoenix J Black
19 Jan 2019Phoenix J Black70 v 36CMO B
19 Jan 2019Fairlands C53 v 34Croham
19 Jan 2019Omega B50 v 36Hillcrest C
19 Jan 2019Wandsworth E34 v 40KCLA Red
Division 7
05 Jan 2019Wallington Wolves39 v 33Fairlands D
05 Jan 2019Chequers C41 v 33Hillcrest D
05 Jan 2019Crickets46 v 28Phoenix J Orange
05 Jan 2019Roundwood C19 v 26Saints
19 Jan 2019Wallington Wolves49 v 21Chequers C
19 Jan 2019Crickets54 v 19Hillcrest D
19 Jan 2019Phoenix J Orange33 v 57Roundwood C
19 Jan 2019Fairlands D22 v 47Saints
Division 8
05 Jan 2019Roundwood D21 v 54Demonettes B
05 Jan 2019Redhill C49 v 44Emmanuel Thunder
05 Jan 2019KCLA Blue17 v 30Lifeline B
05 Jan 2019Pleiades C39 v 62Selsdon
19 Jan 2019Emmanuel Thunder15 v 47Demonettes B
19 Jan 2019Redhill C46 v 46KCLA Blue
19 Jan 2019Pleiades C48 v 46Lifeline B
19 Jan 2019Selsdon68 v 15Roundwood D
Division 9
05 Jan 2019Chequers E22 v 28Demonettes C
05 Jan 2019Old Reigatians37 v 24Fairlands E
05 Jan 2019Chequers D38 v 22Lifeline C
05 Jan 2019Welcome Ladies NC30 v 32Whyteleafe C
19 Jan 2019Old Reigatians25 v 40Chequers D
19 Jan 2019Whyteleafe C39 v 22Chequers E
19 Jan 2019Fairlands E28 v 23Demonettes C
19 Jan 2019Welcome Ladies NC22 v 27Lifeline C
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