Division 1
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Limited Edition169075054641.094132
Scarlett Ladies1640123465260.66-18019
Robin Park Ladies1630133465700.61-22417
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
19 September 2013
Cougars22 v 21Millstone
Limited Edition21 v 23Suregrow
Panthers28 v 27J.S.T
Robin Park Ladies24 v 21Scarlett Ladies
26 September 2013
Cougars20 v 29Ormskirk
Limited Edition41 v 29Panthers
Robin Park Ladies20 v 39Millstone
Suregrow35 v 22J.S.T
10 October 2013
Cougars46 v 13Robin Park Ladies
Ormskirk31 v 33Millstone
Panthers14 v 42Suregrow
Scarlett Ladies35 v 26J.S.T
17 October 2013
J.S.T24 v 28Robin Park Ladies
Limited Edition32 v 23Scarlett Ladies
Millstone37 v 18Panthers
Suregrow15 v 41Ormskirk
31 October 2013
Cougars29 v 21Limited Edition
Millstone37 v 14Scarlett Ladies
Ormskirk50 v 24Panthers
Suregrow32 v 31Robin Park Ladies
07 November 2013
J.S.T20 v 47Ormskirk
Panthers27 v 29Scarlett Ladies
Robin Park Ladies24 v 46Limited Edition
Suregrow21 v 30Cougars
14 November 2013
Limited Edition41 v 21J.S.T
Millstone38 v 24Suregrow
Ormskirk46 v 22Scarlett Ladies
Panthers22 v 42Cougars
21 November 2013
J.S.T27 v 26Panthers
Millstone24 v 21Cougars
Scarlett Ladies27 v 26Robin Park Ladies
Suregrow27 v 35Limited Edition
05 December 2013
Cougars44 v 29J.S.T
Limited Edition19 v 38Millstone
Robin Park Ladies12 v 58Ormskirk
Suregrow26 v 28Scarlett Ladies
12 December 2013
J.S.T37 v 29Scarlett Ladies
Millstone29 v 43Ormskirk
Robin Park Ladies16 v 40Cougars
Suregrow25 v 17Panthers
09 January 2014
Ormskirk28 v 22Suregrow
Panthers15 v 31Millstone
Robin Park Ladies24 v 28J.S.T
Scarlett Ladies21 v 36Limited Edition
23 January 2014
Limited Edition25 v 44Cougars
Panthers11 v 51Ormskirk
Robin Park Ladies29 v 37Suregrow
Scarlett Ladies16 v 35Millstone
30 January 2014
Cougars43 v 15Suregrow
Limited Edition43 v 15Robin Park Ladies
Ormskirk22 v 17J.S.T
Scarlett Ladies20 v 25Panthers
13 February 2014
J.S.T17 v 26Cougars
Millstone30 v 29Limited Edition
Ormskirk29 v 11Robin Park Ladies
Scarlett Ladies19 v 30Suregrow
27 February 2014
Cougars43 v 11Scarlett Ladies
Limited Edition15 v 54Ormskirk
Millstone35 v 12J.S.T
Panthers36 v 24Robin Park Ladies
06 March 2014
J.S.T24 v 40Millstone
Ormskirk48 v 20Limited Edition
Robin Park Ladies32 v 30Panthers
Scarlett Ladies21 v 34Cougars
13 March 2014
Cougars37 v 24Panthers
J.S.T17 v 46Limited Edition
Scarlett Ladies10 v 42Ormskirk
Suregrow26 v 36Millstone
20 March 2014
J.S.T18 v 23Suregrow
Millstone34 v 17Robin Park Ladies
Ormskirk37 v 25Cougars
Panthers21 v 35Limited Edition

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