Monday League
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Glam Squad1513113822061.8517670
MG Cougars Blacks1510143422691.277359
MG Cougars Pinks1510054042911.3911358
High Flyers156272663210.83-5542
MG Jaguars156093213290.98-839
The jets1531112753840.72-10927
Nothing But Nets15001502250.00-2250
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
22 September 2022
Bangers28 v 18Falcons
Bangers22 v 16High Flyers
Bangers18 v 18Huskys
Bangers19 v 23MG Cougars Blacks
Bangers20 v 31MG Cougars Pinks
Bangers15 v 0Nothing But Nets
Bangers16 v 14Titans
Bangers28 v 12Vixens
Diamonds8 v 18Bangers
Diamonds4 v 17Falcons
Diamonds18 v 19High Flyers
Diamonds10 v 26Huskys
Diamonds7 v 27Ladybyrds
Diamonds8 v 32MG Cougars Pinks
Diamonds8 v 28MG Jaguars
Diamonds20 v 25Trojans
Falcons12 v 20Glam Squad
Falcons9 v 45Meriden
Falcons17 v 33MG Cougars Pinks
Falcons16 v 25MG Jaguars
Falcons15 v 0Nothing But Nets
Falcons25 v 14The jets
Falcons14 v 27Trojans
Glam Squad34 v 20Bangers
Glam Squad26 v 11Diamonds
Glam Squad41 v 10Huskys
Glam Squad17 v 11Ladybyrds
Glam Squad15 v 0Nothing But Nets
Glam Squad36 v 16The jets
Glam Squad25 v 17Titans
Glam Squad19 v 21Trojans
High Flyers32 v 19Falcons
High Flyers10 v 10Glam Squad
High Flyers21 v 20Huskys
High Flyers24 v 29Meriden
High Flyers  v  MG Cougars Blacks
High Flyers14 v 40MG Cougars Pinks
High Flyers17 v 31MG Jaguars
High Flyers25 v 18Vixens
Huskys26 v 9Falcons
Huskys22 v 20MG Cougars Blacks
Huskys19 v 17MG Cougars Pinks
Huskys14 v 21MG Jaguars
Huskys15 v 0Nothing But Nets
Huskys31 v 16The jets
Huskys19 v 18Titans
Ladybyrds28 v 22Bangers
Ladybyrds16 v 13Falcons
Ladybyrds31 v 17High Flyers
Ladybyrds25 v 21Huskys
Ladybyrds15 v 0Nothing But Nets
Ladybyrds27 v 17Titans
Meriden29 v 26Bangers
Meriden34 v 13Diamonds
Meriden16 v 27Glam Squad
Meriden33 v 15Huskys
Meriden32 v 7Ladybyrds
Meriden27 v 22MG Cougars Blacks
Meriden24 v 10Trojans
Meriden33 v 8Vixens
MG Cougars Blacks25 v 22Diamonds
MG Cougars Blacks33 v 8Falcons
MG Cougars Blacks15 v 27Glam Squad
MG Cougars Blacks15 v 15High Flyers
MG Cougars Blacks16 v 22Ladybyrds
MG Cougars Blacks34 v 13MG Jaguars
MG Cougars Blacks15 v 0Nothing But Nets
MG Cougars Blacks20 v 16Vixens
MG Cougars Pinks26 v 34Glam Squad
MG Cougars Pinks24 v 29Ladybyrds
MG Cougars Pinks25 v 27Meriden
MG Cougars Pinks23 v 31MG Cougars Blacks
MG Cougars Pinks22 v 21MG Jaguars
MG Cougars Pinks35 v 15The jets
MG Cougars Pinks20 v 16Trojans
MG Cougars Pinks31 v 16Vixens
MG Jaguars22 v 24Bangers
MG Jaguars13 v 27Glam Squad
MG Jaguars18 v 33Ladybyrds
MG Jaguars20 v 30Meriden
MG Jaguars15 v 0Nothing But Nets
MG Jaguars21 v 29The jets
MG Jaguars13 v 29Titans
MG Jaguars26 v 31Trojans
Nothing But Nets0 v 15Diamonds
Nothing But Nets0 v 15High Flyers
Nothing But Nets0 v 15Meriden
Nothing But Nets0 v 15MG Cougars Pinks
Nothing But Nets0 v 15The jets
Nothing But Nets0 v 15Titans
Nothing But Nets0 v 15Trojans
The jets22 v 32Bangers
The jets23 v 21Diamonds
The jets22 v 23High Flyers
The jets20 v 33Ladybyrds
The jets25 v 40Meriden
The jets17 v 24MG Cougars Blacks
The jets10 v 22Titans
The jets12 v 22Trojans
Titans23 v 8Diamonds
Titans20 v 17Falcons
Titans36 v 18High Flyers
Titans21 v 35Meriden
Titans17 v 27MG Cougars Blacks
Titans24 v 30MG Cougars Pinks
Titans10 v 17Trojans
Titans14 v 13Vixens
Trojans14 v 26Bangers
Trojans10 v 0High Flyers
Trojans8 v 14Huskys
Trojans18 v 34Ladybyrds
Trojans21 v 22MG Cougars Blacks
Trojans24 v 9Vixens
Vixens17 v 19Diamonds
Vixens21 v 26Falcons
Vixens8 v 24Glam Squad
Vixens6 v 30Huskys
Vixens16 v 37Ladybyrds
Vixens15 v 34MG Jaguars
Vixens15 v 0Nothing But Nets
Vixens19 v 19The jets

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