Wednesday Mixed League - Season 3
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Sutton Stars Pink1412022701581.7111262
Royal Rumble148062022060.98-445
Court In the Act146081882330.81-4538
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
15 February 2023
BYE0 v 15Pythons
Cobras11 v 22Royal Rumble
Sutton Stars Pink16 v 10Venom
Vipers24 v 5Court In the Act
22 February 2023
BYE0 v 15Sutton Stars Pink
Pythons9 v 23Cobras
Royal Rumble10 v 26Vipers
Venom9 v 14Court In the Act
01 March 2023
Cobras10 v 29Sutton Stars Pink
Court In the Act15 v 0BYE
Royal Rumble17 v 11Pythons
Vipers22 v 7Venom
08 March 2023
BYE0 v 15Venom
Cobras17 v 12Court In the Act
Pythons11 v 32Vipers
Sutton Stars Pink32 v 11Royal Rumble
15 March 2023
Pythons8 v 26Sutton Stars Pink
Royal Rumble19 v 17Court In the Act
Venom27 v 10Cobras
Vipers15 v 0BYE
22 March 2023
Cobras15 v 0BYE
Court In the Act19 v 18Pythons
Royal Rumble9 v 18Venom
Sutton Stars Pink15 v 28Vipers
29 March 2023
BYE0 v 15Royal Rumble
Pythons18 v 14Venom
Sutton Stars Pink28 v 7Court In the Act
Vipers26 v 8Cobras
05 April 2023
Court In the Act6 v 33Vipers
Pythons15 v 0BYE
Royal Rumble19 v 21Cobras
Venom12 v 14Sutton Stars Pink
19 April 2023
Cobras7 v 22Pythons
Court In the Act13 v 24Venom
Sutton Stars Pink15 v 0BYE
Vipers21 v 8Royal Rumble
26 April 2023
BYE0 v 15Court In the Act
Pythons16 v 17Royal Rumble
Sutton Stars Pink16 v 13Cobras
Venom10 v 33Vipers
03 May 2023
Court In the Act29 v 22Cobras
Royal Rumble10 v 12Sutton Stars Pink
Venom15 v 0BYE
Vipers31 v 14Pythons
10 May 2023
BYE0 v 15Vipers
Cobras11 v 27Venom
Court In the Act9 v 15Royal Rumble
Sutton Stars Pink22 v 13Pythons
17 May 2023
BYE0 v 15Cobras
Pythons7 v 14Court In the Act
Venom12 v 15Royal Rumble
Vipers23 v 13Sutton Stars Pink
24 May 2023
Cobras15 v 27Vipers
Court In the Act13 v 17Sutton Stars Pink
Royal Rumble15 v 0BYE
Venom21 v 7Pythons

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