Division 7
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Stockton E1615016464151.5623176
C and NW D1614026763961.7128073
Warwick Ladies A1611055493891.4116061
Ernesford F169075364671.156956
Ernesford E168085204861.073451
Alvis D166195555930.94-3843
Hinckley E1641114055320.76-12734
Hinckley D1640123704850.76-11530
Griff and Coton D***1600162197130.31-4940
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
02 October 2021
Alvis D31 v 22Ernesford E
Griff and Coton D13 v 49Stockton E
Hinckley D33 v 17Hinckley E
Warwick Ladies A21 v 31C and NW D
09 October 2021
Ernesford E44 v 20Hinckley D
Griff and Coton D20 v 50Alvis D
Hinckley E24 v 46Ernesford F
Stockton E34 v 40C and NW D
16 October 2021
Alvis D21 v 41Stockton E
Ernesford F32 v 33Ernesford E
Hinckley D  v  Griff and Coton D
Warwick Ladies A49 v 13Hinckley E
06 November 2021
Alvis D49 v 32Hinckley D
Ernesford E30 v 28Warwick Ladies A
Griff and Coton D21 v 41Ernesford F
Hinckley E33 v 25C and NW D
13 November 2021
C and NW D44 v 27Ernesford E
Ernesford F57 v 32Alvis D
Hinckley D28 v 29Stockton E
Warwick Ladies A  v  Griff and Coton D
20 November 2021
Alvis D31 v 50Warwick Ladies A
Griff and Coton D11 v 68C and NW D
Hinckley D18 v 37Ernesford F
Stockton E58 v 24Hinckley E
04 December 2021
C and NW D48 v 24Alvis D
Ernesford F20 v 35Stockton E
Hinckley E17 v 32Ernesford E
Warwick Ladies A31 v 22Hinckley D
11 December 2021
Ernesford F23 v 26Warwick Ladies A
Griff and Coton D19 v 29Hinckley E
Hinckley D26 v 43C and NW D
Stockton E34 v 30Ernesford E
18 December 2021
C and NW D53 v 19Ernesford F
Ernesford E48 v 20Griff and Coton D
Hinckley E35 v 28Alvis D
Warwick Ladies A36 v 43Stockton E
08 January 2022
C and NW D43 v 28Warwick Ladies A
Ernesford E28 v 32Alvis D
Hinckley E21 v 23Hinckley D
Stockton E68 v 16Griff and Coton D
15 January 2022
Alvis D72 v 16Griff and Coton D
C and NW D33 v 35Stockton E
Ernesford F28 v 26Hinckley E
Hinckley D36 v 43Ernesford E
22 January 2022
Ernesford E28 v 32Ernesford F
Griff and Coton D7 v 40Hinckley D
Hinckley E24 v 41Warwick Ladies A
Stockton E59 v 31Alvis D
05 February 2022
C and NW D35 v 13Hinckley E
Ernesford F50 v 21Griff and Coton D
Hinckley D30 v 33Alvis D
Warwick Ladies A37 v 17Ernesford E
12 February 2022
Alvis D30 v 35Ernesford F
Ernesford E30 v 39C and NW D
Griff and Coton D14 v 49Warwick Ladies A
Stockton E29 v 16Hinckley D
05 March 2022
C and NW D66 v 11Griff and Coton D
Ernesford F22 v 15Hinckley D
Hinckley E18 v 29Stockton E
Warwick Ladies A44 v 19Alvis D
12 March 2022
Alvis D35 v 39C and NW D
Ernesford E34 v 29Hinckley E
Hinckley D16 v 49Warwick Ladies A
Stockton E31 v 29Ernesford F
19 March 2022
C and NW D31 v 15Hinckley D
Ernesford E36 v 40Stockton E
Hinckley E45 v 15Griff and Coton D
Warwick Ladies A36 v 31Ernesford F
02 April 2022
Alvis D37 v 37Hinckley E
Ernesford F34 v 38C and NW D
Griff and Coton D15 v 38Ernesford E
Stockton E32 v 24Warwick Ladies A

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