Premier Division
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
HS A16130382662320370
Demonettes A16120469656013666
Portas A1611057696759461
Chequers A168176746403450
CMO A165011629662-3338
Wandsworth A165110557642-8537
Roundwood B162014548761-21324
Warren A161015637849-21219
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
26 September 2015
Chequers A42 v 34CMO A
Demonettes A30 v 41Wandsworth A
HS A54 v 25Warren A
Portas A42 v 33Roundwood B
10 October 2015
Chequers A56 v 38Wandsworth A
Demonettes A40 v 43Coombe
HS A43 v 31CMO A
Warren A52 v 49Roundwood B
24 October 2015
Chequers A39 v 49Coombe
CMO A36 v 37Wandsworth A
Portas A33 v 46Demonettes A
Roundwood B39 v 51HS A
07 November 2015
Chequers A49 v 36Portas A
CMO A38 v 48Coombe
Wandsworth A17 v 39HS A
Warren A36 v 49Demonettes A
21 November 2015
CMO A33 v 47Portas A
Roundwood B26 v 40Demonettes A
Wandsworth A28 v 35Coombe
Warren A30 v 56Chequers A
05 December 2015
CMO A51 v 22Warren A
Coombe47 v 46HS A
Roundwood B17 v 50Chequers A
Wandsworth A34 v 47Portas A
19 December 2015
Coombe32 v 54Portas A
HS A41 v 37Demonettes A
Roundwood B29 v 41CMO A
Wandsworth A44 v 35Warren A
02 January 2016
Coombe46 v 34Warren A
Demonettes A40 v 34Chequers A
HS A42 v 65Portas A
Wandsworth A44 v 21Roundwood B
09 January 2016
Coombe48 v 30Roundwood B
Demonettes A51 v 29CMO A
HS A54 v 31Chequers A
Portas A42 v 36Warren A
23 January 2016
CMO A38 v 50Chequers A
Roundwood B38 v 45Portas A
Wandsworth A22 v 37Demonettes A
Warren A54 v 63HS A
13 February 2016
CMO A40 v 44HS A
Coombe50 v 31Demonettes A
Roundwood B59 v 54Warren A
Wandsworth A32 v 32Chequers A
27 February 2016
Coombe42 v 34Chequers A
Demonettes A37 v 25Portas A
HS A65 v 36Roundwood B
Wandsworth A27 v 41CMO A
12 March 2016
Coombe46 v 41CMO A
Demonettes A58 v 41Warren A
HS A69 v 32Wandsworth A
Portas A63 v 39Chequers A
02 April 2016
Chequers A55 v 40Warren A
Coombe42 v 39Wandsworth A
Demonettes A64 v 33Roundwood B
Portas A55 v 49CMO A
16 April 2016
Chequers A29 v 26Roundwood B
HS A62 v 39Coombe
Portas A51 v 35Wandsworth A
Warren A47 v 48CMO A
23 April 2016
CMO A51 v 33Roundwood B
Demonettes A45 v 42HS A
Portas A62 v 65Coombe
Warren A31 v 54Wandsworth A
30 April 2016
Chequers A36 v 50Demonettes A
Portas A43 v 60HS A
Roundwood B40 v 33Wandsworth A
Warren A53 v 62Coombe
07 May 2016
Chequers A42 v 51HS A
CMO A28 v 41Demonettes A
Roundwood B39 v 52Coombe
Warren A47 v 59Portas A

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