Division 13
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Liberty Oaks1412025593111.8024863
Sparkhill Flames149053922821.3911051
North Solihull Bangers146082853970.72-11235
Trinity 3***145093063160.97-1030
Arden Forest1440103514490.78-9829
Ortonets B1440103114840.64-17326
Elmdon B2N1430112563910.65-13525
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
05 September 2015
Arden Forest16 v 49Trinity 3
Elmdon B2N19 v 24North Solihull Bangers
Ortonets B6 v 38Liberty Oaks
Sparkhill Flames22 v 30Elite
19 September 2015
Arden Forest31 v 21Elmdon B2N
Liberty Oaks26 v 33Elite
Sparkhill Flames55 v 13Ortonets B
Trinity 319 v 29North Solihull Bangers
10 October 2015
Arden Forest29 v 32Liberty Oaks
Elite39 v 13Elmdon B2N
Ortonets B28 v 18North Solihull Bangers
Sparkhill Flames10 v 0Trinity 3
24 October 2015
Elite32 v 30Arden Forest
Elmdon B2N20 v 30Ortonets B
Sparkhill Flames26 v 5North Solihull Bangers
Trinity 322 v 35Liberty Oaks
07 November 2015
Elite26 v 14North Solihull Bangers
Liberty Oaks34 v 7Elmdon B2N
Ortonets B19 v 28Trinity 3
Sparkhill Flames35 v 16Arden Forest
21 November 2015
North Solihull Bangers13 v 40Liberty Oaks
Ortonets B33 v 23Arden Forest
Sparkhill Flames20 v 26Elmdon B2N
Trinity 325 v 29Elite
05 December 2015
Arden Forest34 v 23North Solihull Bangers
Elite25 v 12Ortonets B
Elmdon B2N24 v 22Trinity 3
Sparkhill Flames34 v 45Liberty Oaks
09 January 2016
Arden Forest15 v 25Trinity 3
Elite19 v 20Sparkhill Flames
Elmdon B2N17 v 19North Solihull Bangers
Ortonets B37 v 63Liberty Oaks
23 January 2016
Arden Forest30 v 19Elmdon B2N
Liberty Oaks20 v 24Elite
Ortonets B18 v 41Sparkhill Flames
Trinity 324 v 20North Solihull Bangers
06 February 2016
Arden Forest23 v 40Liberty Oaks
Elite20 v 7Elmdon B2N
Ortonets B30 v 33North Solihull Bangers
Trinity 313 v 19Sparkhill Flames
20 February 2016
Elite35 v 10Arden Forest
Elmdon B2N27 v 28Ortonets B
North Solihull Bangers23 v 22Sparkhill Flames
Trinity 317 v 38Liberty Oaks
05 March 2016
Arden Forest27 v 35Sparkhill Flames
Elite21 v 10North Solihull Bangers
Liberty Oaks47 v 25Elmdon B2N
Ortonets B17 v 30Trinity 3
19 March 2016
Elmdon B2N12 v 29Sparkhill Flames
North Solihull Bangers17 v 66Liberty Oaks
Ortonets B33 v 42Arden Forest
Trinity 314 v 26Elite
09 April 2016
Arden Forest25 v 37North Solihull Bangers
Elite41 v 7Ortonets B
Elmdon B2N19 v 18Trinity 3
Liberty Oaks35 v 24Sparkhill Flames

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