Division 8
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Trinity 11412115733771.5219664
Phoenix Flames B149054764021.187451
Saints 2149054494251.062451
Reunited Meriden***146173924280.92-3635
Foxes 41431103474540.76-10729
North Solihull Stars 2***1431104214460.94-2527
Bournville 4***1420123135610.56-24815
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
12 September 2015
Bournville 420 v 40Saints 2
Dolphins39 v 23Trinity 1
Foxes 426 v 50Phoenix Flames B
Reunited Meriden30 v 26North Solihull Stars 2
03 October 2015
Bournville 427 v 36Foxes 4
North Solihull Stars 242 v 43Dolphins
Reunited Meriden31 v 39Trinity 1
Saints 232 v 31Phoenix Flames B
17 October 2015
Bournville 420 v 45North Solihull Stars 2
Dolphins40 v 19Foxes 4
Reunited Meriden35 v 41Phoenix Flames B
Saints 226 v 54Trinity 1
31 October 2015
Dolphins46 v 22Bournville 4
Foxes 421 v 21Reunited Meriden
Phoenix Flames B24 v 41Trinity 1
Saints 233 v 42North Solihull Stars 2
14 November 2015
Bournville 422 v 43Trinity 1
Dolphins29 v 32Phoenix Flames B
North Solihull Stars 224 v 32Foxes 4
Reunited Meriden20 v 37Saints 2
28 November 2015
Phoenix Flames B43 v 28North Solihull Stars 2
Reunited Meriden0 v 10Bournville 4
Saints 238 v 32Dolphins
Trinity 127 v 17Foxes 4
12 December 2015
Bournville 419 v 39Phoenix Flames B
Dolphins35 v 14Reunited Meriden
Foxes 422 v 27Saints 2
North Solihull Stars 225 v 25Trinity 1
16 January 2016
Bournville 421 v 39Saints 2
Dolphins26 v 44Trinity 1
Foxes 428 v 45Phoenix Flames B
Reunited Meriden38 v 37North Solihull Stars 2
30 January 2016
Bournville 428 v 26Foxes 4
North Solihull Stars 226 v 31Dolphins
Reunited Meriden45 v 49Trinity 1
Saints 221 v 26Phoenix Flames B
13 February 2016
Bournville 425 v 44North Solihull Stars 2
Dolphins36 v 23Foxes 4
Reunited Meriden36 v 24Phoenix Flames B
Saints 222 v 42Trinity 1
27 February 2016
Dolphins56 v 15Bournville 4
Foxes 424 v 27Reunited Meriden
Phoenix Flames B25 v 44Trinity 1
Saints 239 v 30North Solihull Stars 2
12 March 2016
Bournville 433 v 54Trinity 1
Dolphins40 v 28Phoenix Flames B
North Solihull Stars 229 v 32Foxes 4
Reunited Meriden27 v 31Saints 2
02 April 2016
Phoenix Flames B10 v 0North Solihull Stars 2
Reunited Meriden35 v 28Bournville 4
Saints 234 v 36Dolphins
Trinity 143 v 19Foxes 4
16 April 2016
Bournville 423 v 58Phoenix Flames B
Dolphins26 v 33Reunited Meriden
Foxes 422 v 30Saints 2
North Solihull Stars 223 v 45Trinity 1

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