Division 1
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Southgate Vets3027031468944524423
Pennine A3023071061876185394
Nottingham Knights29190101065904161355
Derby Diamonds3011019760983-223263
Mad Hatters3090217441109-365244
SG Starlets3040267491119-370212
Pennine B3020286001060-460172
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
08 September 2014
Iceni41 v 14SG Starlets
Mandella21 v 21Concordes
Mollbuzzers34 v 29Falcons
Nottingham Knights32 v 24Cygnets
Pennine A41 v 16Derby Diamonds
Phoenix37 v 22Pennine B
Southgate77 v 7Dales
Southgate Vets61 v 21Mad Hatters
15 September 2014
Cygnets43 v 35Mad Hatters
Falcons41 v 26Concordes
Iceni40 v 17Pennine B
Mandella41 v 30SG Starlets
Phoenix39 v 25Nottingham Knights
Southgate62 v 25Pennine A
Southgate Vets49 v 21Dales
22 September 2014
Cygnets50 v 21Dales
Iceni35 v 24Mollbuzzers
Mad Hatters21 v 31Derby Diamonds
Nottingham Knights40 v 20SG Starlets
Pennine A24 v 17Mandella
Phoenix27 v 25Falcons
Southgate42 v 23Concordes
Southgate Vets62 v 11Pennine B
29 September 2014
Concordes35 v 31Cygnets
Falcons32 v 17Dales
Iceni40 v 36Nottingham Knights
Mandella25 v 27Mad Hatters
Mollbuzzers28 v 37Derby Diamonds
Pennine A37 v 18Pennine B
Southgate60 v 48Southgate Vets
06 October 2014
Derby Diamonds25 v 16Pennine B
Iceni34 v 24Concordes
Nottingham Knights31 v 24Mandella
Pennine A32 v 26Falcons
Phoenix38 v 29Cygnets
SG Starlets29 v 20Dales
Southgate48 v 21Mad Hatters
Southgate Vets39 v 24Mollbuzzers
13 October 2014
Falcons29 v 32Cygnets
Iceni28 v 49Pennine A
Mad Hatters32 v 27SG Starlets
Mandella23 v 32Derby Diamonds
Mollbuzzers27 v 44Concordes
Nottingham Knights37 v 26Pennine B
Southgate56 v 22Phoenix
20 October 2014
Iceni35 v 25Derby Diamonds
Mandella20 v 27Falcons
Mollbuzzers34 v 23Dales
Nottingham Knights30 v 32Concordes
Pennine A42 v 19Mad Hatters
Phoenix34 v 24SG Starlets
Southgate55 v 7Pennine B
Southgate Vets46 v 32Cygnets
27 October 2014
Concordes46 v 25Dales
Cygnets44 v 29Derby Diamonds
Falcons39 v 15Pennine B
Mollbuzzers40 v 29SG Starlets
Pennine A40 v 57Southgate Vets
Phoenix32 v 42Iceni
Southgate59 v 8Mandella
03 November 2014
Iceni40 v 32Cygnets
Mandella39 v 12Dales
Nottingham Knights25 v 36Mollbuzzers
Pennine A35 v 23Concordes
Phoenix38 v 32Mad Hatters
SG Starlets22 v 38Pennine B
Southgate61 v 1Derby Diamonds
Southgate Vets46 v 28Falcons
10 November 2014
Falcons39 v 27Derby Diamonds
Mandella23 v 35Cygnets
Mollbuzzers51 v 29Mad Hatters
Pennine A35 v 29Nottingham Knights
Phoenix46 v 15Dales
Southgate55 v 18Iceni
Southgate Vets53 v 32SG Starlets
17 November 2014
Derby Diamonds41 v 22SG Starlets
Iceni38 v 20Falcons
Mad Hatters31 v 27Pennine B
Nottingham Knights43 v 15Dales
Pennine A29 v 27Mollbuzzers
Phoenix32 v 16Concordes
Southgate49 v 26Cygnets
Southgate Vets44 v 27Mandella
24 November 2014
Concordes39 v 29SG Starlets
Derby Diamonds38 v 25Dales
Falcons47 v 38Mad Hatters
Mandella21 v 16Pennine B
Phoenix22 v 45Pennine A
Southgate43 v 31Mollbuzzers
Southgate Vets78 v 39Nottingham Knights
01 December 2014
Iceni40 v 19Mad Hatters
Mandella23 v 32Mollbuzzers
Nottingham Knights43 v 26Falcons
Pennine A35 v 30Cygnets
Pennine B21 v 22Dales
Phoenix36 v 21Derby Diamonds
Southgate54 v 8SG Starlets
Southgate Vets47 v 32Concordes
08 December 2014
Concordes35 v 30Derby Diamonds
Cygnets41 v 19Pennine B
Falcons38 v 26SG Starlets
Iceni53 v 41Southgate Vets
Mad Hatters34 v 29Dales
Phoenix38 v 27Mollbuzzers
Southgate  v  Nottingham Knights
15 December 2014
Concordes13 v 20Mad Hatters
Cygnets35 v 26SG Starlets
Iceni31 v 26Mandella
Mollbuzzers15 v 0Pennine B
Nottingham Knights15 v 0Derby Diamonds
Pennine A43 v 16Dales
Phoenix36 v 44Southgate Vets
05 January 2015
Concordes34 v 18Pennine B
Iceni34 v 22Dales
Mollbuzzers31 v 35Cygnets
Nottingham Knights38 v 26Mad Hatters
Pennine A29 v 21SG Starlets
Phoenix20 v 0Mandella
Southgate44 v 22Falcons
Southgate Vets47 v 23Derby Diamonds
12 January 2015
Iceni27 v 21SG Starlets
Mandella18 v 27Concordes
Mollbuzzers26 v 39Falcons
Nottingham Knights47 v 43Cygnets
Pennine A39 v 24Derby Diamonds
Phoenix39 v 12Pennine B
Southgate56 v 15Dales
Southgate Vets51 v 25Mad Hatters
19 January 2015
Cygnets37 v 30Mad Hatters
Falcons40 v 19Concordes
Iceni40 v 22Pennine B
Mandella25 v 28SG Starlets
Phoenix49 v 30Nottingham Knights
Southgate50 v 37Pennine A
Southgate Vets46 v 22Dales
26 January 2015
Cygnets57 v 24Dales
Iceni34 v 42Mollbuzzers
Mad Hatters18 v 32Derby Diamonds
Nottingham Knights41 v 28SG Starlets
Pennine A37 v 22Mandella
Phoenix35 v 29Falcons
Southgate38 v 22Concordes
Southgate Vets58 v 24Pennine B
02 February 2015
Concordes27 v 27Cygnets
Falcons42 v 18Dales
Mandella33 v 24Mad Hatters
Mollbuzzers41 v 28Derby Diamonds
Nottingham Knights52 v 61Iceni
Pennine A33 v 24Pennine B
Southgate Vets29 v 63Southgate
09 February 2015
Derby Diamonds33 v 21Pennine B
Iceni42 v 28Concordes
Nottingham Knights25 v 24Mandella
Pennine A22 v 29Falcons
Phoenix21 v 40Cygnets
SG Starlets26 v 19Dales
Southgate63 v 8Mad Hatters
Southgate Vets43 v 23Mollbuzzers
16 February 2015
Falcons38 v 33Cygnets
Mad Hatters20 v 34SG Starlets
Mandella18 v 20Derby Diamonds
Mollbuzzers38 v 27Concordes
Nottingham Knights39 v 20Pennine B
Pennine A38 v 41Iceni
Phoenix26 v 65Southgate
23 February 2015
Iceni42 v 32Derby Diamonds
Mandella35 v 47Falcons
Mollbuzzers61 v 15Dales
Nottingham Knights45 v 21Concordes
Pennine A39 v 21Mad Hatters
Phoenix47 v 14SG Starlets
Southgate43 v 11Pennine B
Southgate Vets48 v 31Cygnets
02 March 2015
Concordes39 v 14Dales
Cygnets50 v 27Derby Diamonds
Falcons39 v 24Pennine B
Iceni24 v 42Phoenix
Mollbuzzers40 v 30SG Starlets
Southgate39 v 22Mandella
Southgate Vets52 v 37Pennine A
09 March 2015
Iceni40 v 32Cygnets
Mandella20 v 26Dales
Nottingham Knights45 v 30Mollbuzzers
Pennine A32 v 31Concordes
Phoenix41 v 19Mad Hatters
SG Starlets25 v 33Pennine B
Southgate39 v 20Derby Diamonds
Southgate Vets48 v 33Falcons
16 March 2015
Falcons38 v 21Derby Diamonds
Iceni0 v 20Southgate
Mandella18 v 23Cygnets
Mollbuzzers28 v 29Mad Hatters
Nottingham Knights47 v 38Pennine A
Phoenix29 v 17Dales
Southgate Vets58 v 30SG Starlets
23 March 2015
Derby Diamonds34 v 29SG Starlets
Iceni34 v 39Falcons
Mad Hatters33 v 29Pennine B
Nottingham Knights55 v 9Dales
Pennine A33 v 26Mollbuzzers
Phoenix48 v 25Concordes
Southgate58 v 17Cygnets
Southgate Vets49 v 20Mandella
30 March 2015
Concordes35 v 29SG Starlets
Derby Diamonds26 v 21Dales
Falcons43 v 16Mad Hatters
Mandella24 v 21Pennine B
Nottingham Knights47 v 48Southgate Vets
Pennine A37 v 36Phoenix
Southgate49 v 19Mollbuzzers
13 April 2015
Iceni37 v 19Mad Hatters
Mandella15 v 30Mollbuzzers
Nottingham Knights37 v 24Falcons
Pennine A32 v 24Cygnets
Pennine B19 v 25Dales
Phoenix34 v 29Derby Diamonds
Southgate46 v 17SG Starlets
Southgate Vets45 v 22Concordes
20 April 2015
Concordes26 v 24Derby Diamonds
Cygnets35 v 23Pennine B
Falcons45 v 27SG Starlets
Mad Hatters25 v 20Dales
Nottingham Knights27 v 50Southgate
Phoenix40 v 20Mollbuzzers
Southgate Vets41 v 32Iceni
27 April 2015
Concordes27 v 29Mad Hatters
Cygnets42 v 28SG Starlets
11 May 2015
Concordes39 v 19Pennine B
Iceni25 v 20Dales
Mollbuzzers25 v 37Cygnets
Nottingham Knights35 v 23Mad Hatters
Pennine A32 v 24SG Starlets
Phoenix31 v 21Mandella
Southgate34 v 11Falcons
Southgate Vets49 v 19Derby Diamonds
18 May 2015
Iceni35 v 25Mandella
Mollbuzzers37 v 27Pennine B
Nottingham Knights30 v 15Derby Diamonds
Pennine A34 v 14Dales
Phoenix37 v 41Southgate Vets

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