Division 2
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
All Blacks Kiwis16120458236222066
All Blacks Ferns15110453241311966
Chiltern Flyers16120450940210764
Bedgrove Kestrels169074724185455
Camelot 2***14100449939310647
Crendon Hearts165011455531-7637
Crendon Diamonds150015277512-23516
Racketeers Blues***151014268660-3923
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
10 September 2014
Bedgrove Kestrels24 v 28All Blacks Kiwis
Camelot 219 v 21Matrix
Crendon Diamonds22 v 25Racketeers Blues
17 September 2014
Chiltern Flyers45 v 24Crendon Hearts
Crendon Diamonds19 v 30All Blacks Ferns
Racketeers Blues24 v 42Bedgrove Kestrels
01 October 2014
All Blacks Kiwis36 v 24Camelot 2
Crendon Hearts30 v 35All Blacks Ferns
Matrix13 v 25Chiltern Flyers
15 October 2014
Crendon Diamonds24 v 33Crendon Hearts
Matrix21 v 22All Blacks Ferns
Racketeers Blues21 v 43Camelot 2
22 October 2014
All Blacks Kiwis34 v 19Chiltern Flyers
Bedgrove Kestrels26 v 29All Blacks Ferns
Matrix26 v 17Crendon Hearts
05 November 2014
Bedgrove Kestrels36 v 31Camelot 2
Crendon Diamonds14 v 36All Blacks Kiwis
Racketeers Blues21 v 27Chiltern Flyers
12 November 2014
Bedgrove Kestrels38 v 34Crendon Hearts
Crendon Diamonds16 v 35Matrix
Racketeers Blues21 v 43All Blacks Ferns
19 November 2014
All Blacks Kiwis17 v 18Matrix
Camelot 241 v 28Crendon Hearts
Chiltern Flyers25 v 39All Blacks Ferns
26 November 2014
Bedgrove Kestrels25 v 26Chiltern Flyers
Crendon Diamonds22 v 31Camelot 2
Racketeers Blues10 v 43Matrix
03 December 2014
All Blacks Kiwis34 v 24All Blacks Ferns
Crendon Diamonds13 v 38Chiltern Flyers
Racketeers Blues16 v 46Crendon Hearts
10 December 2014
All Blacks Kiwis32 v 26Crendon Hearts
Bedgrove Kestrels12 v 28Matrix
Camelot 2  v  All Blacks Ferns
14 January 2015
Bedgrove Kestrels31 v 25All Blacks Kiwis
Camelot 2  v  Matrix
Crendon Diamonds  v  Racketeers Blues
21 January 2015
Chiltern Flyers40 v 24Crendon Hearts
Crendon Diamonds23 v 43All Blacks Ferns
Racketeers Blues8 v 52Bedgrove Kestrels
28 January 2015
All Blacks Kiwis37 v 38Camelot 2
Crendon Hearts29 v 26All Blacks Ferns
Matrix20 v 26Chiltern Flyers
04 February 2015
Camelot 233 v 35Chiltern Flyers
Crendon Diamonds11 v 23Bedgrove Kestrels
Racketeers Blues11 v 52All Blacks Kiwis
11 February 2015
Crendon Diamonds20 v 39Crendon Hearts
Matrix23 v 30All Blacks Ferns
Racketeers Blues20 v 49Camelot 2
25 February 2015
All Blacks Kiwis25 v 32Chiltern Flyers
Bedgrove Kestrels31 v 43All Blacks Ferns
Matrix34 v 13Crendon Hearts
04 March 2015
Bedgrove Kestrels21 v 32Camelot 2
Crendon Diamonds17 v 41All Blacks Kiwis
Racketeers Blues19 v 43Chiltern Flyers
11 March 2015
Bedgrove Kestrels29 v 28Crendon Hearts
Crendon Diamonds19 v 30Matrix
Racketeers Blues15 v 58All Blacks Ferns
18 March 2015
All Blacks Kiwis28 v 24Matrix
Camelot 243 v 27Crendon Hearts
Chiltern Flyers29 v 35All Blacks Ferns
25 March 2015
Bedgrove Kestrels29 v 30Chiltern Flyers
Crendon Diamonds22 v 40Camelot 2
Racketeers Blues21 v 43Matrix
15 April 2015
All Blacks Kiwis48 v 37All Blacks Ferns
Crendon Diamonds12 v 40Chiltern Flyers
Racketeers Blues26 v 44Crendon Hearts
22 April 2015
All Blacks Kiwis56 v 13Crendon Hearts
Bedgrove Kestrels25 v 18Matrix
Camelot 239 v 38All Blacks Ferns
29 April 2015
Camelot 236 v 29Chiltern Flyers
Crendon Diamonds23 v 28Bedgrove Kestrels
Racketeers Blues10 v 53All Blacks Kiwis

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