Division 4
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Wirral Gems202000696365331100
Speke Boulevard20162252434318188
Phoenix Orange***20131648237810474
St Marys 22011274924593370
Phoenix Yellow209011428432-457
Stanley 2***2090114113931856
Medics C***2080124464341249
Marshals Barkhill206014402590-18838
Speke St Edwards202018272623-35117
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
07 September 2014
Phoenix Orange34 v 10Medics C
Phoenix Yellow  v  Vets
Speke Boulevard23 v 4Rainhill
Speke St Edwards23 v 24Marshals Barkhill
Wirral Gems27 v 24St Marys 2
14 September 2014
Phoenix Orange25 v 25St Marys 2
Phoenix Yellow38 v 14Marshals Barkhill
Speke St Edwards12 v 33Rainhill
Stanley 2  v  Medics C
Wirral Gems21 v 15Speke Boulevard
21 September 2014
Phoenix Orange23 v 26Speke Boulevard
Phoenix Yellow26 v 24Rainhill
Speke St Edwards18 v 40Wirral Gems
Stanley 221 v 31St Marys 2
Vets17 v 20Marshals Barkhill
28 September 2014
Medics C17 v 19St Marys 2
Phoenix Orange41 v 17Speke St Edwards
Phoenix Yellow20 v 21Wirral Gems
Stanley 219 v 28Speke Boulevard
Vets12 v 39Rainhill
05 October 2014
Marshals Barkhill19 v 27Rainhill
Medics C11 v 38Speke Boulevard
Phoenix Yellow21 v 34Phoenix Orange
Stanley 247 v 7Speke St Edwards
Vets9 v 30Wirral Gems
12 October 2014
Marshals Barkhill27 v 45Wirral Gems
Medics C  v  Speke St Edwards
St Marys 222 v 22Speke Boulevard
Stanley 219 v 21Phoenix Yellow
Vets10 v 37Phoenix Orange
19 October 2014
Marshals Barkhill27 v 39Phoenix Orange
Medics C17 v 26Phoenix Yellow
Rainhill24 v 27Wirral Gems
St Marys 232 v 15Speke St Edwards
Vets0 v 6Stanley 2
26 October 2014
Marshals Barkhill25 v 18Stanley 2
Medics C43 v 9Vets
Rainhill  v  Phoenix Orange
Speke Boulevard32 v 14Speke St Edwards
St Marys 218 v 16Phoenix Yellow
02 November 2014
Marshals Barkhill9 v 40Medics C
Rainhill17 v 22Stanley 2
Speke Boulevard22 v 17Phoenix Yellow
St Marys 227 v 18Vets
Wirral Gems24 v 16Phoenix Orange
23 November 2014
Rainhill17 v 18Medics C
Speke Boulevard31 v 8Vets
Speke St Edwards12 v 22Phoenix Yellow
St Marys 230 v 20Marshals Barkhill
Wirral Gems27 v 23Stanley 2
30 November 2014
Phoenix Orange31 v 30Stanley 2
Rainhill27 v 25St Marys 2
Speke Boulevard34 v 27Marshals Barkhill
Speke St Edwards18 v 26Vets
Wirral Gems37 v 22Medics C
07 December 2014
Phoenix Orange27 v 21Medics C
Phoenix Yellow10 v 12Vets
Speke Boulevard12 v 12Rainhill
Speke St Edwards8 v 30Marshals Barkhill
Wirral Gems37 v 29St Marys 2
04 January 2015
Phoenix Orange30 v 18St Marys 2
Phoenix Yellow32 v 0Marshals Barkhill
Speke St Edwards5 v 32Rainhill
Stanley 222 v 41Medics C
Wirral Gems31 v 19Speke Boulevard
18 January 2015
Phoenix Orange17 v 29Speke Boulevard
Phoenix Yellow15 v 33Rainhill
Speke St Edwards12 v 54Wirral Gems
Stanley 233 v 25St Marys 2
Vets20 v 33Marshals Barkhill
25 January 2015
Medics C38 v 22St Marys 2
Phoenix Orange34 v 16Speke St Edwards
Phoenix Yellow25 v 39Wirral Gems
Stanley 217 v 35Speke Boulevard
Vets  v  Rainhill
01 February 2015
Marshals Barkhill11 v 27Rainhill
Medics C19 v 23Speke Boulevard
Phoenix Yellow16 v 24Phoenix Orange
Stanley 231 v 16Speke St Edwards
Vets4 v 45Wirral Gems
15 February 2015
Marshals Barkhill11 v 38Wirral Gems
Medics C31 v 10Speke St Edwards
St Marys 222 v 31Speke Boulevard
Stanley 234 v 15Phoenix Yellow
Vets  v  Phoenix Orange
22 February 2015
Marshals Barkhill22 v 31Phoenix Orange
Medics C23 v 32Phoenix Yellow
Rainhill24 v 32Wirral Gems
St Marys 240 v 20Speke St Edwards
Vets0 v 6Stanley 2
08 March 2015
Marshals Barkhill16 v 35Stanley 2
Medics C32 v 15Vets
Rainhill26 v 25Phoenix Orange
Speke Boulevard35 v 19Speke St Edwards
St Marys 227 v 20Phoenix Yellow
22 March 2015
Marshals Barkhill27 v 18Medics C
Rainhill20 v 12Stanley 2
Speke Boulevard29 v 17Phoenix Yellow
St Marys 2  v  Vets
Wirral Gems40 v 14Phoenix Orange
29 March 2015
Rainhill24 v 32Medics C
Speke Boulevard  v  Vets
Speke St Edwards30 v 39Phoenix Yellow
St Marys 230 v 17Marshals Barkhill
Wirral Gems38 v 16Stanley 2
12 April 2015
Phoenix Orange  v  Stanley 2
Rainhill25 v 26St Marys 2
Speke Boulevard40 v 23Marshals Barkhill
Speke St Edwards  v  Vets
Wirral Gems43 v 13Medics C

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