Division 1
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Police 120190178750028796
Chesterfield Blue2014066075396879
Winwood 1201118565569-467
Ormskirk Formby***2012085354785765
Greenbank 1208012556590-3456
Beechwood Ladies***208012498541-4354
Speke Austin Rawlinson207013543587-4452
Halewood 3206014501610-10943
Police 2205015431585-15438
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
07 September 2014
Chesterfield Blue26 v 22Queens/TBA
Greenbank 119 v 35Speke Austin Rawlinson
Halewood 322 v 29Winwood 1
Ormskirk Formby32 v 45Police 1
Southport38 v 41Police 2
14 September 2014
Beechwood Ladies26 v 19Police 2
Chesterfield Blue30 v 22Winwood 1
Greenbank 136 v 24Halewood 3
Ormskirk Formby36 v 29Queens/TBA
Southport25 v 42Speke Austin Rawlinson
21 September 2014
Beechwood Ladies24 v 31Speke Austin Rawlinson
Chesterfield Blue23 v 22Greenbank 1
Ormskirk Formby21 v 32Winwood 1
Police 144 v 23Queens/TBA
Southport13 v 31Halewood 3
28 September 2014
Beechwood Ladies32 v 33Halewood 3
Ormskirk Formby18 v 42Greenbank 1
Police 145 v 18Winwood 1
Police 234 v 32Speke Austin Rawlinson
Southport31 v 46Chesterfield Blue
05 October 2014
Beechwood Ladies28 v 35Chesterfield Blue
Ormskirk Formby  v  Southport
Police 147 v 30Greenbank 1
Police 220 v 31Halewood 3
Queens/TBA35 v 29Winwood 1
12 October 2014
Beechwood Ladies23 v 25Ormskirk Formby
Police 1  v  Southport
Police 229 v 33Chesterfield Blue
Queens/TBA28 v 19Greenbank 1
Speke Austin Rawlinson34 v 28Halewood 3
19 October 2014
Police 146 v 32Beechwood Ladies
Police 212 v 34Ormskirk Formby
Queens/TBA  v  Southport
Speke Austin Rawlinson23 v 31Chesterfield Blue
Winwood 132 v 34Greenbank 1
26 October 2014
Halewood 326 v 38Chesterfield Blue
Police 220 v 42Police 1
Queens/TBA27 v 23Beechwood Ladies
Speke Austin Rawlinson20 v 28Ormskirk Formby
Winwood 134 v 24Southport
02 November 2014
Greenbank 131 v 29Southport
Halewood 323 v 41Ormskirk Formby
Queens/TBA30 v 22Police 2
Speke Austin Rawlinson28 v 41Police 1
Winwood 1  v  Beechwood Ladies
23 November 2014
Chesterfield Blue  v  Ormskirk Formby
Greenbank 124 v 39Beechwood Ladies
Halewood 332 v 38Police 1
Speke Austin Rawlinson18 v 32Queens/TBA
Winwood 126 v 24Police 2
30 November 2014
Chesterfield Blue25 v 44Police 1
Greenbank 129 v 28Police 2
Halewood 324 v 29Queens/TBA
Southport  v  Beechwood Ladies
Winwood 132 v 24Speke Austin Rawlinson
07 December 2014
Chesterfield Blue25 v 29Queens/TBA
Greenbank 126 v 32Speke Austin Rawlinson
Halewood 327 v 25Winwood 1
Ormskirk Formby30 v 38Police 1
Southport  v  Police 2
04 January 2015
Beechwood Ladies27 v 22Police 2
Chesterfield Blue30 v 34Winwood 1
Greenbank 123 v 26Halewood 3
Ormskirk Formby28 v 22Queens/TBA
Southport30 v 29Speke Austin Rawlinson
18 January 2015
Beechwood Ladies32 v 31Speke Austin Rawlinson
Chesterfield Blue29 v 25Greenbank 1
Ormskirk Formby37 v 23Winwood 1
Police 125 v 34Queens/TBA
Southport32 v 22Halewood 3
25 January 2015
Beechwood Ladies28 v 21Halewood 3
Ormskirk Formby35 v 20Greenbank 1
Police 148 v 33Winwood 1
Police 218 v 24Speke Austin Rawlinson
Southport34 v 31Chesterfield Blue
01 February 2015
Beechwood Ladies41 v 27Chesterfield Blue
Ormskirk Formby45 v 18Southport
Police 147 v 29Greenbank 1
Police 226 v 23Halewood 3
Queens/TBA27 v 27Winwood 1
15 February 2015
Beechwood Ladies22 v 32Ormskirk Formby
Police 138 v 14Southport
Police 218 v 28Chesterfield Blue
Queens/TBA27 v 21Greenbank 1
Speke Austin Rawlinson26 v 32Halewood 3
22 February 2015
Police 139 v 26Beechwood Ladies
Police 238 v 24Ormskirk Formby
Queens/TBA32 v 14Southport
Speke Austin Rawlinson26 v 35Chesterfield Blue
Winwood 126 v 25Greenbank 1
08 March 2015
Halewood 314 v 40Chesterfield Blue
Police 214 v 45Police 1
Queens/TBA25 v 17Beechwood Ladies
Speke Austin Rawlinson  v  Ormskirk Formby
Winwood 120 v 35Southport
22 March 2015
Greenbank 144 v 36Southport
Halewood 323 v 33Ormskirk Formby
Queens/TBA29 v 10Police 2
Speke Austin Rawlinson32 v 36Police 1
Winwood 144 v 27Beechwood Ladies
29 March 2015
Chesterfield Blue48 v 36Ormskirk Formby
Greenbank 129 v 16Beechwood Ladies
Halewood 321 v 44Police 1
Speke Austin Rawlinson25 v 41Queens/TBA
Winwood 136 v 23Police 2
12 April 2015
Chesterfield Blue27 v 35Police 1
Greenbank 128 v 13Police 2
Halewood 318 v 23Queens/TBA
Southport31 v 35Beechwood Ladies
Winwood 143 v 31Speke Austin Rawlinson

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