Division 6
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Flava C1616005192941.7722548
Hyde C1613035083571.4215142
Hyde D1610064704321.093836
Andillion 2nd167183964000.99-431
Denton 3rd167184714910.96-2029
Avondale 2nd167093765100.74-13426
Poynton C***1530123854520.85-6723
Denton 4th***1440103474260.81-7922
Venus 3rd***1512122783880.72-11015
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
23 September 2013
Andillion 2nd28 v 8Denton 4th
Flava C28 v 17Venus 3rd
Hyde C49 v 9Avondale 2nd
Poynton C24 v 20Hyde D
30 September 2013
Avondale 2nd12 v 32Andillion 2nd
Denton 3rd48 v 33Poynton C
Hyde D21 v 30Flava C
Venus 3rd17 v 33Hyde C
07 October 2013
Andillion 2nd24 v 37Flava C
Avondale 2nd20 v 25Hyde D
Hyde C39 v 24Denton 4th
Venus 3rd25 v 25Denton 3rd
14 October 2013
Denton 3rd35 v 26Denton 4th
Flava C29 v 20Hyde C
Hyde D27 v 24Venus 3rd
Poynton C29 v 35Avondale 2nd
04 November 2013
Andillion 2nd27 v 25Hyde D
Denton 4th25 v 18Venus 3rd
Flava C41 v 23Poynton C
Hyde C41 v 17Denton 3rd
11 November 2013
Avondale 2nd15 v 36Flava C
Denton 3rd38 v 29Andillion 2nd
Hyde D38 v 17Denton 4th
Venus 3rd32 v 19Poynton C
18 November 2013
Andillion 2nd18 v 18Venus 3rd
Avondale 2nd32 v 29Denton 4th
Flava C34 v 11Denton 3rd
Hyde C3 v 0Poynton C
25 November 2013
Denton 3rd31 v 35Avondale 2nd
Denton 4th23 v 43Flava C
Hyde D27 v 36Hyde C
Poynton C27 v 30Andillion 2nd
02 December 2013
Avondale 2nd25 v 20Venus 3rd
Denton 3rd27 v 37Hyde D
Denton 4th36 v 32Poynton C
Hyde C34 v 22Andillion 2nd
13 January 2014
Avondale 2nd19 v 27Hyde C
Denton 4th32 v 21Andillion 2nd
Hyde D35 v 34Poynton C
Venus 3rd13 v 28Flava C
20 January 2014
Andillion 2nd25 v 20Avondale 2nd
Flava C37 v 19Hyde D
Hyde C28 v 13Venus 3rd
Poynton C25 v 29Denton 3rd
27 January 2014
Denton 3rd38 v 18Venus 3rd
Denton 4th30 v 43Hyde C
Flava C34 v 24Andillion 2nd
Hyde D38 v 28Avondale 2nd
03 February 2014
Avondale 2nd33 v 32Poynton C
Denton 4th33 v 36Denton 3rd
Hyde C24 v 34Flava C
Venus 3rd18 v 32Hyde D
10 February 2014
Denton 3rd27 v 32Hyde C
Hyde D29 v 33Andillion 2nd
Poynton C22 v 25Flava C
Venus 3rd  v 3Denton 4th
03 March 2014
Andillion 2nd27 v 28Denton 3rd
Denton 4th26 v 33Hyde D
Flava C46 v 10Avondale 2nd
Poynton C30 v 20Venus 3rd
10 March 2014
Denton 3rd28 v 34Flava C
Denton 4th35 v 25Avondale 2nd
Poynton C28 v 39Hyde C
Venus 3rd0 v 3Andillion 2nd
17 March 2014
Andillion 2nd26 v 27Poynton C
Avondale 2nd32 v 31Denton 3rd
Flava C3 v 0Denton 4th
Hyde C29 v 34Hyde D
24 March 2014
Andillion 2nd27 v 31Hyde C
Hyde D30 v 22Denton 3rd
Poynton C  v  Denton 4th
Venus 3rd25 v 26Avondale 2nd

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