Premier A
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Claygate A1413107435651.3217868
Tiffin A1411036305131.2311759
Whitton A147165675581.02945
Cobham A145186026280.96-2639
Hillcrest A145275666100.93-4439
Whytleafe A145185416230.87-8236
Pleiades A***1411125667270.78-16120
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
14 September 2013
Claygate A52 v 36Whytleafe A
Gems38 v 39Tiffin A
Hillcrest A27 v 33Whitton A
Pleiades A31 v 52Cobham A
28 September 2013
Claygate A63 v 31Cobham A
Hillcrest A40 v 39Whytleafe A
Pleiades A29 v 63Gems
Whitton A33 v 46Tiffin A
12 October 2013
Hillcrest A37 v 37Claygate A
Pleiades A36 v 56Tiffin A
Whitton A41 v 28Cobham A
Whytleafe A47 v 32Gems
26 October 2013
Cobham A61 v 46Hillcrest A
Gems39 v 46Claygate A
Tiffin A40 v 28Whytleafe A
Whitton A51 v 43Pleiades A
09 November 2013
Claygate A63 v 41Pleiades A
Gems48 v 48Cobham A
Tiffin A47 v 37Hillcrest A
Whytleafe A36 v 32Whitton A
23 November 2013
Claygate A54 v 45Whitton A
Gems35 v 30Hillcrest A
Tiffin A61 v 43Cobham A
Whytleafe A48 v 45Pleiades A
14 December 2013
Claygate A45 v 39Tiffin A
Cobham A38 v 41Whytleafe A
Pleiades A45 v 45Hillcrest A
Whitton A53 v 38Gems
11 January 2014
Cobham A49 v 48Pleiades A
Tiffin A39 v 16Gems
Whitton A39 v 43Hillcrest A
Whytleafe A39 v 54Claygate A
25 January 2014
Cobham A39 v 44Claygate A
Gems39 v 50Pleiades A
Tiffin A36 v 44Whitton A
Whytleafe A36 v 49Hillcrest A
08 February 2014
Claygate A49 v 40Hillcrest A
Cobham A33 v 37Whitton A
Gems65 v 22Whytleafe A
Tiffin A35 v 31Pleiades A
22 February 2014
Claygate A63 v 37Gems
Hillcrest A45 v 42Cobham A
Pleiades A28 v 60Whitton A
Whytleafe A39 v 49Tiffin A
08 March 2014
Cobham A52 v 40Gems
Hillcrest A35 v 48Tiffin A
Pleiades A49 v 59Claygate A
Whitton A34 v 34Whytleafe A
22 March 2014
Cobham A33 v 43Tiffin A
Hillcrest A41 v 49Gems
Pleiades A40 v 56Whytleafe A
Whitton A41 v 59Claygate A
12 April 2014
Gems53 v 24Whitton A
Hillcrest A51 v 50Pleiades A
Tiffin A52 v 55Claygate A
Whytleafe A40 v 53Cobham A

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