Sen D2
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Knighton 51414004442062.16238102.5
Blaby Netball1412026102502.44360100
Melton Marvels149053713251.144672.5
Rutland Rockets 3147074373531.248464
Rutland Rockets 4148063793890.97-1063
Melton Silver1440103164770.66-16135
Soar Valley Allsorts1410132355530.42-31816
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
10 September 2013
Blaby Netball45 v 18Melton Marvels
Melton Silver32 v 26Soar Valley Allsorts
Panthers15 v 38Rutland Rockets 3
Rutland Rockets 410 v 41Knighton 5
17 September 2013
Blaby Netball49 v 13Rutland Rockets 4
Melton Marvels13 v 27Knighton 5
Melton Silver38 v 33Panthers
Soar Valley Allsorts12 v 44Rutland Rockets 3
24 September 2013
Blaby Netball28 v 30Knighton 5
Melton Silver17 v 41Rutland Rockets 3
Panthers33 v 49Rutland Rockets 4
Soar Valley Allsorts23 v 31Melton Marvels
01 October 2013
Melton Marvels19 v 27Rutland Rockets 4
Melton Silver14 v 47Blaby Netball
Rutland Rockets 312 v 24Knighton 5
Soar Valley Allsorts19 v 33Panthers
08 October 2013
Melton Silver24 v 27Melton Marvels
Panthers3 v 49Knighton 5
Rutland Rockets 323 v 31Rutland Rockets 4
Soar Valley Allsorts4 v 51Blaby Netball
15 October 2013
Melton Silver24 v 34Rutland Rockets 4
Panthers24 v 33Melton Marvels
Rutland Rockets 319 v 52Blaby Netball
Soar Valley Allsorts4 v 57Knighton 5
29 October 2013
Melton Silver10 v 27Knighton 5
Panthers21 v 56Blaby Netball
Rutland Rockets 326 v 27Melton Marvels
Soar Valley Allsorts12 v 40Rutland Rockets 4
19 November 2013
Knighton 525 v 24Rutland Rockets 4
Melton Marvels18 v 20Blaby Netball
Rutland Rockets 332 v 16Panthers
Soar Valley Allsorts28 v 36Melton Silver
26 November 2013
Knighton 526 v 15Melton Marvels
Panthers36 v 40Melton Silver
Rutland Rockets 353 v 16Soar Valley Allsorts
Rutland Rockets 416 v 38Blaby Netball
03 December 2013
Knighton 533 v 28Blaby Netball
Melton Marvels37 v 14Soar Valley Allsorts
Rutland Rockets 347 v 27Melton Silver
Rutland Rockets 432 v 29Panthers
04 February 2014
Blaby Netball43 v 8Melton Silver
Knighton 515 v 14Rutland Rockets 3
Panthers21 v 29Soar Valley Allsorts
Rutland Rockets 417 v 21Melton Marvels
11 February 2014
Blaby Netball53 v 14Soar Valley Allsorts
Knighton 529 v 17Panthers
Melton Marvels34 v 12Melton Silver
Rutland Rockets 428 v 35Rutland Rockets 3
25 February 2014
Blaby Netball44 v 27Rutland Rockets 3
Knighton 533 v 12Soar Valley Allsorts
Melton Marvels49 v 14Panthers
Rutland Rockets 426 v 18Melton Silver
04 March 2014
Blaby Netball56 v 15Panthers
Knighton 528 v 16Melton Silver
Melton Marvels29 v 26Rutland Rockets 3
Rutland Rockets 432 v 22Soar Valley Allsorts

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