Division 2
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Hatfield Magpies1814048086601.2214875
Turnford 51814046695911.137874
Hertford Hornets 4189187246431.138158
Turnford 41870117447451.00-147
Shelley 11851127357960.92-6142
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway TeamTime
15 September 2013
Asco50 v 31Shelley 114:30
Buntingford49 v 30Turnford 512:00
Harpenden49 v 25Dacorum10:45
Kardale37 v 45Hatfield Magpies9:30
Turnford 432 v 43Hertford Hornets 413:15
22 September 2013
Dacorum50 v 33Kardale14:30
Hatfield Magpies22 v 44Buntingford12:00
Hertford Hornets 436 v 25Harpenden13:15
Shelley 147 v 37Turnford 49:30
Turnford 540 v 37Asco10:45
06 October 2013
Asco52 v 38Dacorum12:00
Buntingford43 v 31Hertford Hornets 49:30
Harpenden33 v 35Hatfield Magpies14:30
Turnford 438 v 32Kardale10:45
Turnford 542 v 37Shelley 113:15
20 October 2013
Asco37 v 50Hatfield Magpies13:15
Buntingford35 v 27Turnford 414:30
Hertford Hornets 445 v 16Dacorum10:45
Shelley 148 v 36Kardale12:00
Turnford 542 v 26Harpenden9:30
27 October 2013
Dacorum44 v 38Shelley 19:30
Harpenden22 v 38Buntingford12:00
Hatfield Magpies42 v 30Hertford Hornets 414:30
Kardale29 v 53Turnford 513:15
Turnford 444 v 47Asco10:45
10 November 2013
Buntingford56 v 20Kardale9:30
Harpenden40 v 24Asco13:15
Shelley 140 v 44Hertford Hornets 410:45
Turnford 445 v 55Hatfield Magpies12:00
Turnford 540 v 32Dacorum14:30
24 November 2013
Dacorum18 v 43Buntingford13:15
Harpenden51 v 23Turnford 49:30
Hatfield Magpies42 v 32Shelley 110:45
Hertford Hornets 434 v 46Turnford 512:00
Kardale28 v 55Asco14:30
01 December 2013
Asco40 v 50Buntingford10:45
Harpenden44 v 44Shelley 112:00
Hatfield Magpies50 v 28Dacorum9:30
Kardale27 v 37Hertford Hornets 413:15
Turnford 430 v 40Turnford 514:30
08 December 2013
Dacorum34 v 39Turnford 413:15
Hatfield Magpies50 v 39Turnford 512:00
Hertford Hornets 438 v 47Asco9:30
Kardale25 v 45Harpenden10:45
Shelley 139 v 40Buntingford14:30
12 January 2014
Dacorum6 v 58Harpenden10:45
Hatfield Magpies60 v 33Kardale9:30
Hertford Hornets 439 v 40Turnford 413:15
Shelley 158 v 56Asco14:30
Turnford 543 v 40Buntingford12:00
19 January 2014
Asco36 v 45Turnford 510:45
Buntingford40 v 36Hatfield Magpies12:00
Harpenden29 v 43Hertford Hornets 413:15
Kardale34 v 33Dacorum14:30
Turnford 462 v 45Shelley 19:30
02 February 2014
Dacorum32 v 66Asco12:00
Hatfield Magpies34 v 40Harpenden14:30
Hertford Hornets 435 v 36Buntingford9:30
Kardale22 v 64Turnford 410:45
Shelley 135 v 51Turnford 513:15
09 February 2014
Dacorum31 v 58Hertford Hornets 410:45
Harpenden43 v 32Turnford 59:30
Hatfield Magpies41 v 52Asco13:15
Kardale30 v 53Shelley 112:00
Turnford 434 v 47Buntingford14:30
16 February 2014
Asco49 v 44Turnford 410:45
Buntingford38 v 24Harpenden12:00
Hertford Hornets 429 v 40Hatfield Magpies14:30
Shelley 140 v 37Dacorum9:30
Turnford 510 v  Kardale13:15
02 March 2014
Asco0 v 0Harpenden13:15
Dacorum0 v 10Turnford 514:30
Hatfield Magpies49 v 45Turnford 412:00
Hertford Hornets 440 v 35Shelley 110:45
Kardale15 v 41Buntingford9:30
09 March 2014
Asco63 v 29Kardale14:30
Buntingford58 v 19Dacorum13:15
Hertford Hornets 430 v 37Turnford 512:00
Shelley 139 v 49Hatfield Magpies10:45
Turnford 447 v 45Harpenden9:30
23 March 2014
Buntingford44 v 55Asco10:45
Dacorum33 v 63Hatfield Magpies9:30
Hertford Hornets 462 v 27Kardale12:15
Shelley 138 v 50Harpenden12:00
Turnford 545 v 38Turnford 414:30
06 April 2014
Asco50 v 50Hertford Hornets 49:30
Buntingford42 v 36Shelley 114:30
Harpenden43 v 22Kardale10:45
Turnford 455 v 20Dacorum13:15
Turnford 524 v 45Hatfield Magpies12:00

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