Division 2/3
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Redditch Sapphires96033062881.061834
Kingsley 295043693171.165230
Kingsley 195042872401.204730
Blackbird Divas95043373191.061830
OB Bullets94053022781.092425
Studley Mares82062462800.88-3418
Redditch Pearls81071844190.44-2357
Lodge Park Violets90091523660.42-2142
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
16 September 2012
Blackbird Divas23 v 45Ryland
Kingsley 239 v 26Kingsley 1
Lodge Park Violets19 v 43Redditch Pearls
OB Bullets32 v 45Vixens
Studley Mares32 v 37Redditch Sapphires
30 September 2012
Kingsley 128 v 22Studley Mares
OB Bullets30 v 41Blackbird Divas
Redditch Sapphires36 v 17Lodge Park Violets
Ryland61 v 37Kingsley 2
Vixens51 v 19Redditch Pearls
14 October 2012
Blackbird Divas26 v 51Vixens
Kingsley 240 v 28OB Bullets
Lodge Park Violets12 v 41Kingsley 1
Redditch Pearls33 v 35Redditch Sapphires
Studley Mares22 v 53Ryland
28 October 2012
Blackbird Divas45 v 39Kingsley 2
Kingsley 153 v 12Redditch Pearls
OB Bullets33 v 28Studley Mares
Ryland62 v 11Lodge Park Violets
Vixens44 v 22Redditch Sapphires
11 November 2012
Kingsley 244 v 45Vixens
Lodge Park Violets9 v 31OB Bullets
Redditch Pearls25 v 60Ryland
Redditch Sapphires38 v 23Kingsley 1
Studley Mares32 v 36Blackbird Divas
25 November 2012
Blackbird Divas40 v 30Lodge Park Violets
Kingsley 234 v 48Studley Mares
OB Bullets75 v 14Redditch Pearls
Ryland48 v 32Redditch Sapphires
Vixens33 v 34Kingsley 1
09 December 2012
Kingsley 125 v 33Ryland
Lodge Park Violets22 v 47Kingsley 2
Redditch Pearls27 v 72Blackbird Divas
Redditch Sapphires41 v 25OB Bullets
Studley Mares33 v 43Vixens
06 January 2013
Blackbird Divas31 v 34Redditch Sapphires
Kingsley 254 v 11Redditch Pearls
OB Bullets28 v 26Kingsley 1
Studley Mares29 v 16Lodge Park Violets
Vixens55 v 26Ryland
20 January 2013
Kingsley 131 v 23Blackbird Divas
Lodge Park Violets16 v 37Vixens
Redditch Pearls  v  Studley Mares
Redditch Sapphires31 v 35Kingsley 2
Ryland34 v 20OB Bullets

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