Division 1
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Nottingham City1411035884981.189058
Hinckley Hurricanes149056875861.1710150
Lincoln City 11440106007060.85-10631
Northants JM's***1420124606720.68-21216
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
16 September 2012
Bluetits41 v 19Pennine
Leapoole29 v 30Nottingham City
Lincoln City 148 v 37Northants JM's
TFC38 v 30Hinckley Hurricanes
23 September 2012
Leapoole42 v 39Pennine
Lincoln City 136 v 55Hinckley Hurricanes
Nottingham City43 v 40Bluetits
TFC53 v 36Northants JM's
30 September 2012
Hinckley Hurricanes49 v 35Bluetits
Leapoole64 v 35Northants JM's
Nottingham City41 v 33Lincoln City 1
TFC38 v 22Pennine
07 October 2012
Bluetits53 v 44Northants JM's
Leapoole35 v 74Hinckley Hurricanes
Lincoln City 147 v 36Pennine
TFC46 v 29Nottingham City
21 October 2012
Lincoln City 142 v 56Bluetits
Northants JM's22 v 38Pennine
Nottingham City50 v 33Hinckley Hurricanes
TFC59 v 28Leapoole
28 October 2012
Hinckley Hurricanes38 v 47Pennine
Leapoole56 v 58Lincoln City 1
Nottingham City65 v 33Northants JM's
TFC48 v 48Bluetits
04 November 2012
Hinckley Hurricanes61 v 36Northants JM's
Leapoole50 v 52Bluetits
Nottingham City41 v 34Pennine
TFC55 v 34Lincoln City 1
18 November 2012
Bluetits38 v 20Pennine
Leapoole41 v 46Nottingham City
Lincoln City 143 v 54Northants JM's
TFC48 v 27Hinckley Hurricanes
02 December 2012
Leapoole61 v 24Pennine
Lincoln City 138 v 65Hinckley Hurricanes
Nottingham City51 v 39Bluetits
TFC57 v 22Northants JM's
13 January 2013
Bluetits51 v 26Northants JM's
Leapoole69 v 54Hinckley Hurricanes
Lincoln City 135 v 37Pennine
TFC35 v 28Nottingham City
03 February 2013
Lincoln City 144 v 57Bluetits
Northants JM's  v  Pennine
Nottingham City38 v 45Hinckley Hurricanes
TFC59 v 31Leapoole
17 February 2013
Hinckley Hurricanes44 v 30Pennine
Leapoole44 v 68Lincoln City 1
Nottingham City36 v 33Northants JM's
TFC46 v 37Bluetits
24 February 2013
Hinckley Hurricanes54 v 50Bluetits
Leapoole45 v 46Northants JM's
Nottingham City55 v 37Lincoln City 1
TFC49 v 22Pennine
17 March 2013
Hinckley Hurricanes58 v 36Northants JM's
Leapoole32 v 69Bluetits
Nottingham City35 v 20Pennine
TFC58 v 37Lincoln City 1

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