Division 3
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Wirral Gram B262600551260291130
Wirral Gram A26182641430211299
Prescot Red2616193352815492
Dolly Red26131123833394480
West Kirby2614012344350-678
5 Star Pink26121133893761377
Dolly Blue2612113324320474
Arena Force267217312397-8554
St Marys B264121256456-20032
The George262024278538-26023
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
03 September 2012
5 Star Pink22 v 9Impulse
Apollo11 v 10Synergy
Arena Force24 v 6The George
Dolly Blue16 v 8Prescot Red
Dolly Red23 v 15Eastham
St Marys B8 v 16West Kirby
10 September 2012
5 Star Pink23 v 10The George
Apollo8 v 11Dolly Blue
Arena Force9 v 16Eastham
Dolly Red14 v 17Impulse
Prescot Red10 v 16Wirral Gram A
West Kirby10 v 21Wirral Gram B
17 September 2012
Apollo11 v 11Wirral Gram A
Arena Force4 v 20Impulse
Dolly Blue10 v 9Synergy
Dolly Red10 v 8Prescot Red
Eastham10 v 155 Star Pink
St Marys B9 v 16Wirral Gram B
24 September 2012
Apollo8 v 8Dolly Red
Arena Force12 v 20Prescot Red
Dolly Blue10 v 0St Marys B
Eastham11 v 12West Kirby
Synergy15 v 17Wirral Gram A
The George10 v 20Wirral Gram B
01 October 2012
Arena Force2 v 28Wirral Gram B
Dolly Blue12 v 16Dolly Red
Eastham16 v 17Synergy
Impulse10 v 26Wirral Gram A
Prescot Red22 v 7St Marys B
The George7 v 26West Kirby
08 October 2012
Apollo6 v 155 Star Pink
Arena Force10 v 12Synergy
Eastham17 v 16The George
Impulse7 v 21Wirral Gram B
Prescot Red14 v 11West Kirby
St Marys B7 v 16Wirral Gram A
15 October 2012
5 Star Pink12 v 8Impulse
Apollo11 v 8Arena Force
Dolly Blue14 v 21Wirral Gram B
Dolly Red24 v 7The George
Prescot Red14 v 17Wirral Gram A
St Marys B5 v 29Synergy
22 October 2012
5 Star Pink18 v 20Synergy
Apollo14 v 7West Kirby
Arena Force3 v 15Dolly Blue
Dolly Red14 v 12Wirral Gram A
Eastham10 v 0St Marys B
The George12 v 19Impulse
29 October 2012
Apollo16 v 8Impulse
Arena Force16 v 135 Star Pink
Dolly Blue23 v 15The George
Dolly Red18 v 15West Kirby
Prescot Red10 v 0St Marys B
Wirral Gram A10 v 25Wirral Gram B
05 November 2012
Apollo10 v 0Eastham
Arena Force23 v 7St Marys B
Dolly Red10 v 255 Star Pink
Prescot Red16 v 12Impulse
The George21 v 27Synergy
West Kirby7 v 22Wirral Gram A
12 November 2012
Apollo10 v 19Prescot Red
Arena Force10 v 15West Kirby
Dolly Blue10 v 0Eastham
Dolly Red14 v 15Wirral Gram B
Impulse22 v 16Synergy
The George8 v 24Wirral Gram A
19 November 2012
5 Star Pink18 v 22Wirral Gram A
Arena Force18 v 15Dolly Red
Dolly Blue12 v 15West Kirby
Eastham4 v 10Prescot Red
Impulse20 v 12St Marys B
Synergy21 v 30Wirral Gram B
26 November 2012
5 Star Pink13 v 8West Kirby
Apollo26 v 12St Marys B
Arena Force11 v 28Wirral Gram B
Dolly Blue16 v 17Impulse
Eastham3 v 21Wirral Gram A
Prescot Red12 v 14Synergy
03 December 2012
5 Star Pink21 v 13St Marys B
Apollo19 v 6The George
Arena Force9 v 9Wirral Gram A
Dolly Blue12 v 10Dolly Red
Eastham5 v 17Synergy
Prescot Red7 v 24Wirral Gram B
10 December 2012
Apollo15 v 19Wirral Gram B
Dolly Blue17 v 215 Star Pink
Dolly Red22 v 9St Marys B
Eastham5 v 9Impulse
Synergy12 v 16West Kirby
The George16 v 21Prescot Red
17 December 2012
5 Star Pink14 v 20Wirral Gram B
Apollo13 v 12Synergy
Arena Force17 v 18The George
Dolly Blue0 v 10Prescot Red
Impulse12 v 18Wirral Gram A
St Marys B11 v 14West Kirby
07 January 2013
5 Star Pink6 v 17Wirral Gram B
Apollo16 v 10Dolly Blue
Arena Force16 v 5Eastham
Dolly Red20 v 12Impulse
Synergy9 v 22Wirral Gram A
The George6 v 24West Kirby
14 January 2013
Apollo18 v 13Wirral Gram A
Arena Force9 v 14Impulse
Dolly Blue9 v 15Synergy
Dolly Red12 v 13Prescot Red
Eastham12 v 155 Star Pink
St Marys B8 v 32Wirral Gram B
21 January 2013
Apollo15 v 13Dolly Red
Arena Force10 v 12Prescot Red
Dolly Blue18 v 13St Marys B
Eastham7 v 5West Kirby
Impulse12 v 20Synergy
The George17 v 29Wirral Gram B
28 January 2013
5 Star Pink10 v 15Prescot Red
Dolly Blue8 v 18Wirral Gram A
Dolly Red7 v 18Synergy
Eastham5 v 27Wirral Gram B
Impulse10 v 18West Kirby
The George9 v 21St Marys B
04 February 2013
Apollo12 v 115 Star Pink
Arena Force9 v 17Synergy
Eastham12 v 6The George
Impulse11 v 12Wirral Gram B
Prescot Red7 v 8West Kirby
St Marys B13 v 15Wirral Gram A
11 February 2013
Apollo11 v 17Wirral Gram B
Dolly Blue15 v 155 Star Pink
Dolly Red20 v 6St Marys B
Eastham8 v 14Impulse
Synergy21 v 9West Kirby
The George12 v 16Prescot Red
18 February 2013
5 Star Pink13 v 27Synergy
Apollo22 v 5West Kirby
Arena Force15 v 13Dolly Blue
Dolly Red14 v 18Wirral Gram A
Eastham10 v 17St Marys B
The George21 v 22Impulse
25 February 2013
Apollo10 v 9Eastham
Arena Force14 v 14St Marys B
Dolly Blue14 v 15West Kirby
Dolly Red19 v 105 Star Pink
Prescot Red9 v 9Impulse
Wirral Gram A10 v 25Wirral Gram B
04 March 2013
5 Star Pink14 v 18The George
Apollo13 v 10Prescot Red
Arena Force11 v 16Dolly Red
Impulse16 v 12St Marys B
Synergy0 v 10Wirral Gram B
West Kirby16 v 9Wirral Gram A
11 March 2013
5 Star Pink10 v 0Wirral Gram A
Apollo6 v 8Impulse
Dolly Blue11 v 7Eastham
Dolly Red10 v 0The George
St Marys B8 v 25Synergy
West Kirby16 v 22Wirral Gram B
18 March 2013
Apollo20 v 10St Marys B
Arena Force10 v 18West Kirby
Dolly Blue22 v 16Impulse
Dolly Red9 v 23Wirral Gram B
Eastham10 v 14Prescot Red
The George6 v 24Wirral Gram A
25 March 2013
Apollo10 v 0The George
Arena Force24 v 145 Star Pink
Dolly Blue0 v 10Wirral Gram B
Dolly Red24 v 12West Kirby
Eastham9 v 16Wirral Gram A
Prescot Red10 v 0Synergy
08 April 2013
5 Star Pink10 v 17Prescot Red
Dolly Blue0 v 10Wirral Gram A
Dolly Red9 v 15Synergy
Eastham12 v 21Wirral Gram B
Impulse9 v 13West Kirby
The George7 v 16St Marys B
15 April 2013
5 Star Pink15 v 18St Marys B
Apollo23 v 7Arena Force
Dolly Blue26 v 17The George
Dolly Red12 v 13Eastham
Prescot Red11 v 18Wirral Gram B
22 April 2013
5 Star Pink16 v 13West Kirby
Arena Force11 v 18Wirral Gram A
The George7 v 30Synergy

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