Division 4
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Galaxy C282521530268262132
Dolly Green282314447276171120
Supreme Blue281819394275119106
BEB Navy***28191838229191104
Phoenix B28152113402538793
All Star Ladies2817011357349893
Valley Belles2813312305298783
D. Lloyd2812214272317-4574
Wirral Gems2811116279291-1272
Red Door Dolls2810117248279-3161
Dolly Purple289019289378-8952
St Marys C283223228444-21632
Prescot Black283025247503-25629
All Blacks B285023198467-26929
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
04 September 2012
All Blacks B3 v 23Pensby
D. Lloyd8 v 4Valley Belles
Dolly Green19 v 3St Marys C
Dolly Purple10 v 6Red Door Dolls
Galaxy C12 v 4Wirral Gems
Prescot Black11 v 20BEB Navy
11 September 2012
All Blacks B4 v 13BEB Navy
D. Lloyd11 v 9All Star Ladies
Dolly Green14 v 4Valley Belles
Dolly Purple11 v 13Pensby
Galaxy C23 v 12St Marys C
Phoenix B16 v 6Wirral Gems
18 September 2012
BEB Navy16 v 10D. Lloyd
Pensby9 v 14Dolly Green
Red Door Dolls10 v 14Galaxy C
St Marys C16 v 19Prescot Black
Valley Belles5 v 13All Star Ladies
Wirral Gems13 v 6All Blacks B
25 September 2012
BEB Navy10 v 8Supreme Blue
Dolly Purple12 v 25Galaxy C
Phoenix B19 v 4All Blacks B
Red Door Dolls6 v 10Dolly Green
St Marys C7 v 14All Star Ladies
Wirral Gems10 v 9Prescot Black
02 October 2012
All Star Ladies13 v 10BEB Navy
D. Lloyd10 v 11St Marys C
Dolly Green14 v 10Wirral Gems
Galaxy C14 v 11Phoenix B
Prescot Black7 v 14Pensby
Supreme Blue8 v 13Valley Belles
09 October 2012
Dolly Purple8 v 17Dolly Green
Galaxy C19 v 5All Blacks B
Pensby6 v 10Supreme Blue
Phoenix B21 v 5Prescot Black
Red Door Dolls10 v 10D. Lloyd
St Marys C9 v 11Valley Belles
16 October 2012
All Star Ladies14 v 10Dolly Purple
BEB Navy7 v 11Wirral Gems
D. Lloyd1 v 14Galaxy C
St Marys C6 v 28Pensby
Supreme Blue10 v 11Phoenix B
Valley Belles8 v 9Red Door Dolls
23 October 2012
All Blacks B6 v 12BEB Navy
D. Lloyd8 v 7All Star Ladies
Dolly Green8 v 5Valley Belles
Dolly Purple10 v 21Pensby
Galaxy C19 v 4St Marys C
Phoenix B0 v 10Wirral Gems
30 October 2012
All Blacks B4 v 25Dolly Green
Dolly Purple8 v 18D. Lloyd
Galaxy C28 v 11Prescot Black
Phoenix B9 v 11All Star Ladies
Red Door Dolls7 v 13Supreme Blue
Wirral Gems2 v 10Valley Belles
06 November 2012
All Star Ladies22 v 5All Blacks B
BEB Navy11 v 11Phoenix B
Pensby19 v 9Wirral Gems
St Marys C0 v 12Red Door Dolls
Supreme Blue14 v 12Galaxy C
Valley Belles9 v 11Dolly Purple
13 November 2012
All Blacks B10 v 23D. Lloyd
Dolly Green20 v 10Prescot Black
Dolly Purple5 v 13Supreme Blue
Galaxy C26 v 10All Star Ladies
Phoenix B5 v 6Valley Belles
Red Door Dolls  v  BEB Navy
20 November 2012
BEB Navy10 v 17Dolly Green
Pensby13 v 19Galaxy C
St Marys C15 v 17All Blacks B
Supreme Blue10 v 7D. Lloyd
Valley Belles13 v 17Prescot Black
Wirral Gems12 v 7Dolly Purple
27 November 2012
All Star Ladies26 v 18Prescot Black
BEB Navy14 v 19Galaxy C
Pensby12 v 12Phoenix B
Supreme Blue14 v 16Dolly Green
Valley Belles0 v 10All Blacks B
Wirral Gems8 v 5Red Door Dolls
04 December 2012
Dolly Purple12 v 16Dolly Green
Galaxy C29 v 5All Blacks B
Pensby11 v 14Supreme Blue
Phoenix B10 v 0Prescot Black
Red Door Dolls11 v 16D. Lloyd
St Marys C0 v 10Valley Belles
11 December 2012
All Blacks B5 v 17Red Door Dolls
All Star Ladies12 v 11Supreme Blue
BEB Navy16 v 11Pensby
Galaxy C17 v 8Dolly Green
Phoenix B13 v 14Dolly Purple
St Marys C12 v 11Wirral Gems
18 December 2012
All Blacks B9 v 21Prescot Black
All Star Ladies7 v 5Wirral Gems
D. Lloyd8 v 20Dolly Green
Galaxy C18 v 9Valley Belles
Phoenix B14 v 3Red Door Dolls
St Marys C10 v 19Dolly Purple
08 January 2013
All Star Ladies15 v 13BEB Navy
D. Lloyd14 v 14St Marys C
Dolly Green16 v 6Wirral Gems
Galaxy C19 v 6Phoenix B
Prescot Black14 v 28Pensby
Supreme Blue13 v 13Valley Belles
15 January 2013
BEB Navy12 v 11Supreme Blue
Dolly Purple9 v 24Galaxy C
Phoenix B23 v 6All Blacks B
Red Door Dolls8 v 13Dolly Green
St Marys C0 v 10All Star Ladies
Wirral Gems20 v 8Prescot Black
22 January 2013
All Blacks B3 v 25Pensby
D. Lloyd10 v 11Valley Belles
Dolly Green17 v 6St Marys C
Dolly Purple9 v 6Red Door Dolls
Galaxy C11 v 10Wirral Gems
Prescot Black0 v 10BEB Navy
29 January 2013
All Star Ladies17 v 12Dolly Purple
BEB Navy15 v 11Wirral Gems
D. Lloyd6 v 18Galaxy C
St Marys C6 v 16Pensby
Supreme Blue10 v 0Phoenix B
Valley Belles12 v 7Red Door Dolls
05 February 2013
BEB Navy21 v 16Valley Belles
D. Lloyd14 v 19Pensby
Galaxy C15 v 15Dolly Green
Phoenix B6 v 7Red Door Dolls
Prescot Black14 v 20Supreme Blue
St Marys C8 v 8Wirral Gems
12 February 2013
All Blacks B5 v 20Dolly Green
Dolly Purple0 v 10D. Lloyd
Galaxy C35 v 5Prescot Black
Phoenix B14 v 15All Star Ladies
Red Door Dolls12 v 17Supreme Blue
Wirral Gems13 v 14Valley Belles
19 February 2013
BEB Navy10 v 0D. Lloyd
Pensby15 v 12Dolly Green
Red Door Dolls6 v 13Galaxy C
St Marys C17 v 7Prescot Black
Valley Belles15 v 9All Star Ladies
Wirral Gems14 v 8All Blacks B
26 February 2013
All Star Ladies21 v 6Prescot Black
BEB Navy16 v 21Galaxy C
Pensby13 v 14Phoenix B
Supreme Blue10 v 13Dolly Green
Valley Belles13 v 2All Blacks B
Wirral Gems11 v 4Red Door Dolls
05 March 2013
BEB Navy16 v 12Dolly Green
Pensby12 v 17Galaxy C
St Marys C12 v 13All Blacks B
Supreme Blue11 v 16D. Lloyd
Valley Belles24 v 11Prescot Black
Wirral Gems15 v 7Dolly Purple
12 March 2013
All Blacks B12 v 13D. Lloyd
Dolly Green21 v 16Prescot Black
Dolly Purple5 v 16Supreme Blue
Galaxy C19 v 11All Star Ladies
Phoenix B8 v 15Valley Belles
Red Door Dolls11 v 19BEB Navy
19 March 2013
All Star Ladies26 v 11All Blacks B
BEB Navy6 v 13Phoenix B
Pensby15 v 13Wirral Gems
St Marys C6 v 11Red Door Dolls
Supreme Blue15 v 16Galaxy C
Valley Belles18 v 9Dolly Purple
26 March 2013
All Blacks B19 v 10Prescot Black
All Blacks B4 v 15Red Door Dolls
D. Lloyd13 v 18Dolly Green
Galaxy C14 v 14Valley Belles
Prescot Black11 v 19Supreme Blue
St Marys C7 v 26Dolly Purple
09 April 2013
All Blacks B0 v 10Dolly Purple
All Star Ladies10 v 22Pensby
D. Lloyd0 v 10Wirral Gems
Dolly Green19 v 12Phoenix B
Prescot Black8 v 12Red Door Dolls
Supreme Blue23 v 11St Marys C
16 April 2013
All Star Ladies15 v 13Red Door Dolls
BEB Navy15 v 8St Marys C
D. Lloyd8 v 17Phoenix B
Prescot Black6 v 21Dolly Purple
Supreme Blue11 v 10Wirral Gems
Valley Belles9 v 20Pensby
23 April 2013
All Blacks B7 v 20Supreme Blue
Dolly Green24 v 16All Star Ladies
Dolly Purple10 v 16BEB Navy
Phoenix B20 v 13St Marys C
Prescot Black3 v 4D. Lloyd
Red Door Dolls9 v 12Pensby
30 April 2013
All Star Ladies12 v 16Supreme Blue
All Star Ladies13 v 11Wirral Gems
BEB Navy13 v 11Pensby
BEB Navy15 v 10Valley Belles
D. Lloyd4 v 25Pensby
Phoenix B16 v 7Dolly Purple
07 May 2013
All Blacks B15 v 0Dolly Purple
All Star Ladies0 v 15Pensby
D. Lloyd11 v 9Wirral Gems
Dolly Green5 v 14Phoenix B
Prescot Black0 v 15Red Door Dolls
Supreme Blue16 v 6St Marys C
14 May 2013
All Star Ladies5 v 9Red Door Dolls
BEB Navy21 v 9St Marys C
D. Lloyd4 v 10Phoenix B
Prescot Black0 v 15Dolly Purple
Supreme Blue26 v 7Wirral Gems
Valley Belles14 v 14Pensby
21 May 2013
All Blacks B0 v 15Supreme Blue
Dolly Green24 v 4All Star Ladies
Dolly Purple12 v 25BEB Navy
Phoenix B15 v 0St Marys C
Prescot Black0 v 15D. Lloyd
Red Door Dolls7 v 21Pensby

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