Division 1
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Gateshead Stadium14112168846122762
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
01 October 2011
Boldon34 v 53Oaksway
Gateshead Stadium50 v 32Burnside
Riverside44 v 41Grangetown
Seatonians51 v 31H.S.A
08 October 2011
Gateshead Stadium58 v 32H.S.A
Grangetown32 v 40Boldon
Oaksway56 v 37Seatonians
Riverside64 v 39Burnside
15 October 2011
Boldon61 v 33Burnside
H.S.A39 v 59Riverside
Oaksway51 v 30Grangetown
Seatonians34 v 54Gateshead Stadium
22 October 2011
Boldon31 v 34H.S.A
Burnside25 v 81Oaksway
Grangetown41 v 53Seatonians
Riverside32 v 43Gateshead Stadium
05 November 2011
Gateshead Stadium38 v 38Boldon
Grangetown46 v 29Burnside
Oaksway10 v 0H.S.A
Seatonians35 v 51Riverside
12 November 2011
Boldon53 v 56Riverside
Burnside35 v 50Seatonians
H.S.A36 v 37Grangetown
Oaksway36 v 36Gateshead Stadium
03 December 2011
Burnside44 v 52H.S.A
Grangetown29 v 69Gateshead Stadium
Riverside49 v 42Oaksway
Seatonians41 v 52Boldon
10 December 2011
Boldon68 v 58Oaksway
Gateshead Stadium68 v 27Burnside
Riverside68 v 45Grangetown
Seatonians10 v 0H.S.A
07 January 2012
Gateshead Stadium62 v 39H.S.A
Grangetown36 v 57Boldon
Oaksway46 v 50Seatonians
Riverside79 v 27Burnside
14 January 2012
Boldon64 v 40Burnside
H.S.A37 v 62Riverside
Oaksway71 v 27Grangetown
Seatonians39 v 51Gateshead Stadium
04 February 2012
Boldon52 v 54H.S.A
Burnside24 v 80Oaksway
Grangetown40 v 58Seatonians
Riverside39 v 52Gateshead Stadium
11 February 2012
Gateshead Stadium57 v 37Boldon
Grangetown52 v 40Burnside
Oaksway55 v 29H.S.A
Seatonians49 v 61Riverside
25 February 2012
Boldon49 v 70Riverside
Burnside26 v 69Seatonians
H.S.A63 v 37Grangetown
Oaksway0 v 10Gateshead Stadium
03 March 2012
Burnside39 v 55H.S.A
Grangetown47 v 40Gateshead Stadium
Riverside10 v 0Oaksway
Seatonians54 v 49Boldon

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