Division 6
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstPoints
Weybridge Vandals A14131055631568
Astra C***14100446932552
OCs B1490548241051
Whyteleafe C***1490551240250
Brads B1443738843034
Hampton B1441937544532
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This Table contains results that have not been checked by the Committee. Penalties maybe awarded if complaints are received.

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
15 September 2007
OCs B54 v 22MPs
Parkside18 v 40Brads B
Weybridge Vandals A39 v 26Hampton B
Whyteleafe C29 v 41Astra C
29 September 2007
Astra C63 v 38MPs
Brads B21 v 31Hampton B
OCs B29 v 44Weybridge Vandals A
Whyteleafe C
44 v 6Parkside
13 October 2007
Astra C49 v 18Parkside
Brads B35 v 35MPs
Hampton B29 v 37OCs B
Whyteleafe C28 v 47Weybridge Vandals A
27 October 2007
Astra C22 v 13Hampton B
Brads B34 v 34Weybridge Vandals A
OCs B30 v 23Parkside
Whyteleafe C36 v 15MPs
10 November 2007
Brads B29 v 36Whyteleafe C
MPs34 v 49Hampton B
OCs B26 v 22Astra C
Weybridge Vandals A44 v 14Parkside
24 November 2007
Astra C28 v 34Weybridge Vandals A
Brads B49 v 19OCs B
Parkside38 v 36MPs
Whyteleafe C29 v 17Hampton B
08 December 2007
Astra C
  v  Brads B
MPs19 v 30Weybridge Vandals A
OCs B23 v 27Whyteleafe C
Parkside18 v 31Hampton B
12 January 2008
Astra C43 v 28Whyteleafe C
Brads B29 v 9Parkside
Hampton B24 v 33Weybridge Vandals A
MPs22 v 45OCs B
09 February 2008
Hampton B34 v 34Brads B
MPs20 v 48Astra C
Parkside22 v 51Whyteleafe C
Weybridge Vandals A39 v 30OCs B
23 February 2008
MPs32 v 20Brads B
OCs B37 v 34Hampton B
Parkside8 v 27Astra C
Weybridge Vandals A39 v 25Whyteleafe C
08 March 2008
Hampton B16 v 35Astra C
MPs33 v 40Whyteleafe C
Parkside19 v 59OCs B
Weybridge Vandals A61 v 28Brads B
29 March 2008
Astra C29 v 26OCs B
Hampton B33 v 29MPs
Parkside5 v 61Weybridge Vandals A
Whyteleafe C55 v 34Brads B
12 April 2008
Hampton B15 v 50Whyteleafe C
MPs  v  Parkside
OCs B29 v 17Brads B
Weybridge Vandals A51 v 25Astra C
26 April 2008
Brads B18 v 37Astra C
Hampton B23 v 27Parkside
Weybridge Vandals A  v  MPs
Whyteleafe C34 v 38OCs B

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