Division 2
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
H. Hornets 31816118085171.5629184
Nomads 21812157856421.2214369
H. Hornets 41870116857240.95-3946
Turnford 41870116547250.90-7146
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
11 September 2011
Cheshunt40 v 33H. Hornets 3
H. Hornets 433 v 50Crosskeys
Kardale23 v 39Buntingford
Nomads 249 v 58SAS/Penn
Turnford 441 v 37Camelot
18 September 2011
Buntingford44 v 35H. Hornets 4
Camelot21 v 41Kardale
Crosskeys38 v 33Nomads 2
H. Hornets 352 v 24Turnford 4
SAS/Penn28 v 34Cheshunt
02 October 2011
Cheshunt46 v 47Buntingford
H. Hornets 358 v 20Camelot
H. Hornets 433 v 38SAS/Penn
Kardale29 v 38Nomads 2
Turnford 440 v 43Crosskeys
16 October 2011
Buntingford38 v 40Crosskeys
Camelot33 v 31Nomads 2
Cheshunt39 v 27Kardale
H. Hornets 358 v 32H. Hornets 4
Turnford 449 v 24SAS/Penn
23 October 2011
Crosskeys46 v 37Camelot
H. Hornets 436 v 47Cheshunt
Kardale27 v 44Turnford 4
Nomads 242 v 42H. Hornets 3
SAS/Penn28 v 39Buntingford
06 November 2011
Camelot17 v 35Buntingford
Cheshunt  v 10Nomads 2
H. Hornets 347 v 28Crosskeys
H. Hornets 442 v 36Turnford 4
Kardale34 v 42SAS/Penn
13 November 2011
Buntingford32 v 36H. Hornets 3
Crosskeys37 v 24Cheshunt
H. Hornets 435 v 26Kardale
Nomads 250 v 43Turnford 4
SAS/Penn43 v 29Camelot
27 November 2011
H. Hornets 456 v 27Camelot
Kardale25 v 46H. Hornets 3
Nomads 231 v 48Buntingford
SAS/Penn53 v 56Crosskeys
Turnford 439 v 43Cheshunt
11 December 2011
Buntingford30 v 27Turnford 4
Camelot29 v 40Cheshunt
Crosskeys21 v 32Kardale
Nomads 257 v 30H. Hornets 4
SAS/Penn31 v 43H. Hornets 3
08 January 2012
Buntingford51 v 20Kardale
Camelot31 v 47Turnford 4
Crosskeys45 v 36H. Hornets 4
H. Hornets 333 v 29Cheshunt
SAS/Penn36 v 56Nomads 2
22 January 2012
Cheshunt0 v 0SAS/Penn
H. Hornets 426 v 36Buntingford
Kardale43 v 36Camelot
Nomads 249 v 38Crosskeys
Turnford 424 v 48H. Hornets 3
05 February 2012
Buntingford27 v 36Cheshunt
Camelot20 v 52H. Hornets 3
Crosskeys36 v 40Turnford 4
Nomads 248 v 21Kardale
SAS/Penn19 v 50H. Hornets 4
12 February 2012
Crosskeys32 v 37Buntingford
H. Hornets 430 v 53H. Hornets 3
Kardale34 v 46Cheshunt
Nomads 249 v 32Camelot
SAS/Penn43 v 17Turnford 4
26 February 2012
Buntingford41 v 16SAS/Penn
Camelot23 v 52Crosskeys
Cheshunt  v 10H. Hornets 4
H. Hornets 337 v 31Nomads 2
Turnford 434 v 33Kardale
04 March 2012
Buntingford50 v 26Camelot
Crosskeys31 v 40H. Hornets 3
Nomads 254 v 42Cheshunt
SAS/Penn39 v 31Kardale
Turnford 446 v 55H. Hornets 4
11 March 2012
Camelot35 v 43SAS/Penn
Cheshunt33 v 58Crosskeys
H. Hornets 334 v 29Buntingford
Kardale61 v 42H. Hornets 4
Turnford 434 v 53Nomads 2
25 March 2012
Buntingford40 v 55Nomads 2
Camelot32 v 63H. Hornets 4
Cheshunt42 v 26Turnford 4
Crosskeys  v 10SAS/Penn
H. Hornets 351 v 27Kardale
01 April 2012
Cheshunt62 v 29Camelot
H. Hornets 345 v 22SAS/Penn
H. Hornets 441 v 49Nomads 2
Kardale51 v 36Crosskeys
Turnford 443 v 36Buntingford

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