Monday League - Season 4
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Charlies Demons1313003121482.1116465
MG Cougars Pink139043002231.357752
MG Cougars Black137062352301.02543
MG Jaguars 136072182680.81-5037
The Jets135172362720.87-3635
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
17 April 2023
Bangors35 v 11Falcons
Charlies Demons15 v 0City T
Meriden32 v 18MG Jaguars
MG Cougars Black12 v 10Ladybyrds
MG Cougars Pink25 v 18Panthers
Titans33 v 7The Jets
Vixens13 v 20Trojans
24 April 2023
Bangors34 v 16The Jets
Charlies Demons25 v 9Trojans
Meriden36 v 21Falcons
MG Cougars Black15 v 0City T
MG Cougars Pink30 v 17MG Jaguars
Titans17 v 14Ladybyrds
Vixens17 v 16Panthers
15 May 2023
Bangors18 v 13Ladybyrds
Charlies Demons21 v 15Panthers
Falcons19 v 23MG Jaguars
MG Cougars Black17 v 12Trojans
MG Cougars Pink21 v 5Vixens
The Jets23 v 30Meriden
Titans15 v 0City T
22 May 2023
Bangors15 v 0City T
Charlies Demons26 v 2Vixens
Ladybyrds13 v 44Meriden
MG Cougars Black18 v 19Panthers
MG Cougars Pink26 v 18Falcons
The Jets20 v 21MG Jaguars
Titans25 v 11Trojans
05 June 2023
Bangors24 v 11Trojans
Ladybyrds17 v 14MG Jaguars
Meriden15 v 0City T
MG Cougars Black17 v 8Vixens
MG Cougars Pink22 v 25Charlies Demons
The Jets20 v 19Falcons
Titans18 v 19Panthers
19 June 2023
Bangors23 v 7Vixens
City T0 v 15Falcons
Ladybyrds11 v 24The Jets
MG Cougars Pink19 v 20MG Cougars Black
Panthers17 v 21Meriden
Titans15 v 20Charlies Demons
Trojans13 v 18MG Jaguars
26 June 2023
Bangors14 v 24Charlies Demons
City T0 v 15The Jets
MG Cougars Pink32 v 21Ladybyrds
Panthers22 v 17MG Jaguars
Titans28 v 12MG Cougars Black
Trojans23 v 7Falcons
Vixens8 v 26Meriden
03 July 2023
Bangors9 v 19MG Cougars Black
City T0 v 15Ladybyrds
Meriden8 v 12Charlies Demons
MG Cougars Pink12 v 16Titans
Panthers26 v 4Falcons
Trojans12 v 10The Jets
Vixens8 v 12MG Jaguars
10 July 2023
Bangors23 v 27Titans
MG Cougars Pink15 v 0City T
Panthers19 v 19The Jets
Trojans17 v 12Ladybyrds
17 July 2023
Charlies Demons29 v 8Falcons
MG Cougars Black16 v 21MG Jaguars
MG Cougars Pink23 v 12Bangors
Panthers16 v 20Ladybyrds
Titans18 v 24Meriden
Trojans15 v 0City T
Vixens22 v 24The Jets
24 July 2023
Charlies Demons33 v 14MG Jaguars
Meriden34 v 23MG Cougars Black
Vixens10 v 17Falcons
31 July 2023
Bangors19 v 38Meriden
MG Cougars Black26 v 16Falcons
MG Cougars Pink28 v 20Trojans
Panthers15 v 0City T
Titans27 v 15MG Jaguars
07 August 2023
Bangors31 v 13MG Jaguars
Charlies Demons30 v 10Ladybyrds
Meriden30 v 20MG Cougars Pink
MG Cougars Black21 v 25The Jets
Panthers25 v 13Trojans
Titans33 v 7Falcons
Vixens15 v 0City T
14 August 2023
City T0 v 15MG Jaguars
Ladybyrds22 v 13Falcons
MG Cougars Black19 v 29Charlies Demons
MG Cougars Pink27 v 21The Jets
Titans24 v 9Vixens
21 August 2023
Bangors21 v 29Panthers
Charlies Demons23 v 12The Jets
Meriden35 v 18Trojans
Vixens20 v 21Ladybyrds

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