Division 5R
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Seatonians F109013622281.5913446
Prudhoe B109012941961.509846
Great Park Green104063062711.133530
Tigers C105053092901.071930
Seatonians E104062352530.93-1827
Burnside B104062122710.78-5925
Angels of the North104062272720.83-4524
Greencroft D103072713480.78-7722
GALS White101091492840.52-1358
P and G101091602960.54-1368
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
13 March 2023
Angels of the North23 v 37Tigers C
GALS White9 v 25Burnside B
Seatonians F34 v 28Seatonians E
20 March 2023
Great Park Green25 v 39Prudhoe B
PWC42 v 12P and G
Ryton36 v 21Greencroft D
27 March 2023
Burnside B24 v 26Seatonians E
Greencroft D38 v 35Great Park Green
P and G5 v 20GALS White
Prudhoe B35 v 25Angels of the North
Seatonians F22 v 40PWC
Tigers C23 v 31Ryton
17 April 2023
GALS White10 v 20Ryton
Great Park Green24 v 26PWC
P and G31 v 36Greencroft D
Seatonians E26 v 18Angels of the North
Seatonians F31 v 21Prudhoe B
Tigers C23 v 27Burnside B
24 April 2023
Great Park Green31 v 12GALS White
Prudhoe B32 v 21Burnside B
PWC37 v 24Angels of the North
Seatonians E21 v 22Ryton
Seatonians F57 v 20Greencroft D
Tigers C41 v 17P and G
15 May 2023
Angels of the North34 v 27Greencroft D
Burnside B5 v 20PWC
GALS White9 v 40Seatonians F
Ryton11 v 28Prudhoe B
Seatonians E13 v 22P and G
Tigers C38 v 36Great Park Green
22 May 2023
Angels of the North34 v 23Burnside B
GALS White22 v 25Seatonians E
Greencroft D22 v 30Prudhoe B
P and G23 v 40Great Park Green
PWC36 v 27Tigers C
Ryton23 v 33Seatonians F
05 June 2023
Angels of the North30 v 26GALS White
Burnside B33 v 26Greencroft D
Prudhoe B20 v 5P and G
Ryton20 v 35PWC
Seatonians E20 v 30Great Park Green
Tigers C27 v 38Seatonians F
12 June 2023
Great Park Green37 v 20Burnside B
Greencroft D19 v 34PWC
P and G19 v 39Seatonians F
Prudhoe B33 v 13GALS White
Ryton20 v 5Angels of the North
Seatonians E34 v 27Tigers C
19 June 2023
Burnside B9 v 43Ryton
Greencroft D33 v 34Tigers C
P and G5 v 20Angels of the North
Prudhoe B25 v 18Seatonians E
PWC43 v 13GALS White
Seatonians F32 v 27Great Park Green
26 June 2023
Burnside B25 v 21P and G
Great Park Green21 v 23Ryton
PWC25 v 31Prudhoe B
03 July 2023
Angels of the North14 v 36Seatonians F
GALS White15 v 32Tigers C
Greencroft D29 v 24Seatonians E

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