Division 3
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
stratford thunderbirds***1717009963972.5159984
cbh 2***1816027544951.5225980
alcester spades1813058065941.3621271
alcester clubs1861117027031.00-144
firefox kingsley***1870115636350.89-7244
the swans1861115306750.79-14535
redditch rubies1850134927260.68-23429
ryland rapidz***1860124947150.69-22111
ryland roses***1700172948410.35-547-6
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
04 April 2022
jaguar56 v 17ryland roses
redditch rubies13 v 34ryland rapidz
07 April 2022
alcester spades58 v 31alcester clubs
firefox kingsley
27 v 54stratford thunderbirds
14 April 2022
alcester clubs53 v 40ryland rapidz
alcester spades33 v 36cbh 2
ryland roses14 v 52redditch rubies
stratford thunderbirds70 v 34jaguar
the swans39 v 26firefox kingsley
21 April 2022
cbh 253 v 21alcester clubs
firefox kingsley27 v 53alcester spades
redditch rubies32 v 68stratford thunderbirds
ryland rapidz43 v 11ryland roses
25 April 2022
alcester spades47 v 39jaguar
the swans35 v 32redditch rubies
28 April 2022
alcester clubs59 v 26ryland roses
cbh 248 v 20firefox kingsley
stratford thunderbirds68 v 27ryland rapidz
05 May 2022
firefox kingsley35 v 47alcester clubs
jaguar26 v 47cbh 2
redditch rubies26 v 45alcester spades
ryland rapidz42 v 40the swans
ryland roses14 v 64stratford thunderbirds
09 May 2022
cbh 242 v 11redditch rubies
firefox kingsley29 v 43jaguar
12 May 2022
alcester clubs21 v 34stratford thunderbirds
alcester spades48 v 27ryland rapidz
the swans46 v 20ryland roses
16 May 2022
cbh 249 v 20the swans
redditch rubies9 v 37firefox kingsley
19 May 2022
jaguar35 v 26alcester clubs
ryland rapidz24 v 45cbh 2
ryland roses18 v 58alcester spades
stratford thunderbirds81 v 18the swans
23 May 2022
jaguar47 v 23redditch rubies
26 May 2022
alcester clubs38 v 38the swans
alcester spades27 v 57stratford thunderbirds
cbh 249 v 19ryland roses
firefox kingsley43 v 33ryland rapidz
30 May 2022
jaguar28 v 17the swans
02 June 2022
ryland rapidz23 v 60jaguar
stratford thunderbirds
60 v 45cbh 2
06 June 2022
the swans34 v 39alcester spades
redditch rubies17 v 37ryland rapidz
ryland roses18 v 66jaguar
09 June 2022
redditch rubies43 v 23alcester clubs
stratford thunderbirds65 v 19firefox kingsley
the swans14 v 33cbh 2
13 June 2022
alcester clubs35 v 45alcester spades
jaguar20 v 53stratford thunderbirds
ryland roses23 v 46firefox kingsley
16 June 2022
cbh 242 v 36alcester spades
firefox kingsley56 v 26the swans
redditch rubies56 v 15ryland roses
ryland rapidz46 v 43alcester clubs
20 June 2022
stratford thunderbirds66 v 20redditch rubies
the swans31 v 35jaguar
23 June 2022
alcester clubs27 v 40cbh 2
alcester spades46 v 34firefox kingsley
27 June 2022
jaguar28 v 32alcester spades
redditch rubies39 v 45the swans
30 June 2022
firefox kingsley30 v 44cbh 2
ryland rapidz16 v 75stratford thunderbirds
ryland roses19 v 46alcester clubs
04 July 2022
alcester spades29 v 32redditch rubies
cbh 240 v 28jaguar
ryland roses21 v 36ryland rapidz
07 July 2022
alcester clubs35 v 38firefox kingsley
stratford thunderbirds  v  ryland roses
the swans25 v 0ryland rapidz
11 July 2022
jaguar44 v 22firefox kingsley
redditch rubies18 v 50cbh 2
14 July 2022
ryland rapidz
31 v 67alcester spades
ryland roses
19 v 44the swans
stratford thunderbirds62 v 25alcester clubs
18 July 2022
firefox kingsley24 v 26redditch rubies
21 July 2022
alcester clubs40 v 46jaguar
alcester spades54 v 16ryland roses
cbh 236 v 35ryland rapidz
the swans0 v 25stratford thunderbirds
25 July 2022
redditch rubies20 v 45jaguar
28 July 2022
ryland rapidz0 v 25firefox kingsley
ryland roses24 v 41cbh 2
stratford thunderbirds45 v 38alcester spades
the swans22 v 62alcester clubs
04 August 2022
alcester clubs70 v 23redditch rubies
alcester spades51 v 36the swans
cbh 214 v 49stratford thunderbirds
firefox kingsley25 v 0ryland roses
jaguar25 v 0ryland rapidz

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