Division 4
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Kingsley 11716017983572.2444187
Lodge Park 21814046674301.5523773
Comets 3177285795441.063555
Blackbirds C179085665371.052955
Redditch Pearls189095806180.94-3853
St Nicholas Ladies1750124756960.68-22137
Stratford Ladies 21740134385840.75-14634
Ryland C***1411125475351.021233
Kingsley 21830154506970.65-24727
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
12 April 2010
Comets 330 v 35Blackbirds C
Kingsley 160 v 15St Nicholas Ladies
Kingsley 216 v 33Stratford Ladies 2
Mums16 v 41Lodge Park 2
Ryland C56 v 13Redditch Pearls
19 April 2010
Kingsley 237 v 47Ryland C
Lodge Park 232 v 28Comets 3
Redditch Pearls23 v 43Kingsley 1
St Nicholas Ladies22 v 42Blackbirds C
Stratford Ladies 227 v 34Mums
26 April 2010
Blackbirds C34 v 17Redditch Pearls
Comets 335 v 11St Nicholas Ladies
Kingsley 159 v 16Kingsley 2
Lodge Park 256 v 19Stratford Ladies 2
Mums31 v 23Ryland C
05 May 2010
Kingsley 225 v 30Blackbirds C
Ryland C43 v 21Lodge Park 2
Stratford Ladies 220 v 44Comets 3
06 May 2010
Mums21 v 28Kingsley 1
St Nicholas Ladies39 v 53Redditch Pearls
10 May 2010
Blackbirds C29 v 37Mums
Comets 322 v 41Redditch Pearls
Kingsley 242 v 38St Nicholas Ladies
Lodge Park 212 v 36Kingsley 1
Ryland C  v 25Stratford Ladies 2
17 May 2010
Comets 338 v 47Ryland C
Lodge Park 241 v 20Blackbirds C
Mums51 v 20St Nicholas Ladies
Redditch Pearls34 v 24Kingsley 2
Stratford Ladies 217 v 34Kingsley 1
24 May 2010
Blackbirds C28 v 22Stratford Ladies 2
Kingsley 152 v 14Ryland C
Kingsley 233 v 46Comets 3
Redditch Pearls27 v 18Mums
St Nicholas Ladies16 v 47Lodge Park 2
02 June 2010
Mums32 v 21Kingsley 2
Ryland C36 v 30Blackbirds C
Stratford Ladies 225 v 27St Nicholas Ladies
03 June 2010
Comets 337 v 36Kingsley 1
Lodge Park 247 v 18Redditch Pearls
07 June 2010
Comets 326 v 26Mums
Kingsley 148 v 23Blackbirds C
Kingsley 216 v 51Lodge Park 2
Redditch Pearls35 v 27Stratford Ladies 2
St Nicholas Ladies26 v 39Ryland C
14 June 2010
Blackbirds C20 v 41Comets 3
Lodge Park 236 v 29Mums
Redditch Pearls32 v 47Ryland C
St Nicholas Ladies17 v 53Kingsley 1
Stratford Ladies 230 v 21Kingsley 2
21 June 2010
Blackbirds C52 v 25St Nicholas Ladies
Comets 322 v 36Lodge Park 2
Kingsley 151 v 35Redditch Pearls
Mums21 v 30Stratford Ladies 2
Ryland C57 v 35Kingsley 2
28 June 2010
Kingsley 214 v 61Kingsley 1
Redditch Pearls38 v 28Blackbirds C
Ryland C43 v 42Mums
St Nicholas Ladies33 v 27Comets 3
Stratford Ladies 220 v 35Lodge Park 2
05 July 2010
Blackbirds C32 v 30Kingsley 2
Comets 323 v 42Stratford Ladies 2
Kingsley 147 v 20Mums
Lodge Park 227 v 34Ryland C
Redditch Pearls39 v 42St Nicholas Ladies
12 July 2010
Kingsley 132 v 28Lodge Park 2
Mums26 v 42Blackbirds C
Redditch Pearls38 v 46Comets 3
St Nicholas Ladies28 v 31Kingsley 2
Stratford Ladies 220 v 30Ryland C
19 July 2010
Blackbirds C24 v 32Lodge Park 2
Kingsley 148 v 21Stratford Ladies 2
Kingsley 227 v 39Redditch Pearls
Ryland C31 v 31Comets 3
St Nicholas Ladies34 v 28Mums
26 July 2010
Comets 339 v 22Kingsley 2
Lodge Park 252 v 19St Nicholas Ladies
Mums18 v 28Redditch Pearls
Ryland C  v 25Kingsley 1
Stratford Ladies 223 v 47Blackbirds C
02 August 2010
Blackbirds C25 v  Ryland C
Kingsley 141 v 19Comets 3
Kingsley 225 v 0Mums
Redditch Pearls23 v 32Lodge Park 2
St Nicholas Ladies38 v 20Stratford Ladies 2
09 August 2010
Blackbirds C25 v 44Kingsley 1
Lodge Park 241 v 15Kingsley 2
Mums  v 25Comets 3
Ryland C  v 25St Nicholas Ladies
Stratford Ladies 217 v 47Redditch Pearls

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