Division 3
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Sence Valley Sparks220056301.872615.5
Ashby Opals210163571.11610
The Dragons210146530.87-78
Soar Valley Allsorts110043281.54157
Papura Tuis110038351.0936
Phoenix 2100135380.92-33
Mollbuzzers 3100124290.83-52.5
Papura Kiwi200227620.44-350
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
18 September 2021
Sence Valley Sparks27 v 13Papura Kiwi
Soar Valley Allsorts43 v 28Ashby Opals
25 September 2021
Mollbuzzers 324 v 29The Dragons
Papura Tuis38 v 35Phoenix 2
02 October 2021
Papura Kiwi14 v 35Ashby Opals
09 October 2021
The Dragons17 v 29Sence Valley Sparks
16 October 2021
Mollbuzzers 3  v  Papura Tuis
Soar Valley Allsorts  v  Phoenix 2
23 October 2021
Papura Kiwi  v  The Dragons
Papura Tuis  v  Sence Valley Sparks
30 October 2021
The Dragons  v  Ashby Opals
06 November 2021
Mollbuzzers 3  v  Soar Valley Allsorts
Sence Valley Sparks  v  Phoenix 2
13 November 2021
Papura Kiwi  v  Papura Tuis
Phoenix 2  v  Mollbuzzers 3
20 November 2021
Ashby Opals  v  Papura Tuis
Soar Valley Allsorts  v  Sence Valley Sparks
27 November 2021
Ashby Opals  v  Sence Valley Sparks
The Dragons  v  Phoenix 2
04 December 2021
Papura Kiwi  v  Soar Valley Allsorts
The Dragons  v  Papura Tuis
11 December 2021
Mollbuzzers 3  v  Ashby Opals
Phoenix 2  v  Papura Kiwi
18 December 2021
Ashby Opals  v  Phoenix 2
08 January 2022
Sence Valley Sparks  v  Mollbuzzers 3
Soar Valley Allsorts  v  The Dragons
15 January 2022
Papura Kiwi  v  Mollbuzzers 3
Soar Valley Allsorts  v  Papura Tuis

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