Division 3
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Galaxy Comets2017033612181.6614387
Galaxy Meteors2016133352021.6613386
Galaxy Black2015143522121.6614082
Arena Flame2011362452361.04967
The Riggers NC209292872301.255762
Sapphire 2010192962871.03960
Dolly Blue2082102862821.01454
Dolly Gold2073102422800.86-3851
Supreme Gold2050152443030.81-5940
Supreme Stars2010191684160.40-24814
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
13 September 2021
Galaxy Meteors10 v 6Dolly Blue
Sapphire 28 v 11Scorpio
Supreme Gold8 v 13Dolly Gold
Supreme Stars3 v 30Galaxy Comets
20 September 2021
Arena Flame13 v 10Dolly Blue
Galaxy Black10 v 15Galaxy Comets
Supreme Gold11 v 15Sapphire
Supreme Stars5 v 18Dolly Gold
The Riggers NC9 v 13Galaxy Meteors
27 September 2021
Dolly Blue23 v 28Sapphire
Dolly Gold8 v 21Galaxy Comets
Supreme Gold13 v 27Galaxy Meteors
Supreme Stars14 v 23Arena Flame
04 October 2021
Arena Flame6 v 19Galaxy Meteors
Sapphire 5 v 17Galaxy Comets
Supreme Gold7 v 12Galaxy Black
The Riggers NC26 v 3Supreme Stars
11 October 2021
Arena Flame18 v 12Sapphire
Dolly Gold22 v 20Scorpio
Galaxy Black15 v 0Galaxy Comets
The Riggers NC10 v 14Dolly Blue
18 October 2021
Dolly Blue9 v 9Dolly Gold
Galaxy Comets15 v 12Galaxy Meteors
Sapphire 20 v 4Supreme Stars
Scorpio7 v 24Galaxy Black
Supreme Gold10 v 15Arena Flame
01 November 2021
Arena Flame21 v 14Galaxy Black
Supreme Gold17 v 14Galaxy Comets
Supreme Stars8 v 27Dolly Blue
The Riggers NC11 v 6Dolly Gold
08 November 2021
Arena Flame14 v 10Scorpio
Dolly Blue6 v 19Galaxy Comets
Dolly Gold9 v 16Galaxy Meteors
Galaxy Black31 v 2Supreme Stars
The Riggers NC14 v 11Sapphire
15 November 2021
Dolly Blue16 v 12Supreme Gold
Dolly Gold15 v 11Sapphire
Galaxy Meteors10 v 16Galaxy Black
Scorpio11 v 25Galaxy Comets
The Riggers NC18 v 5Supreme Stars
22 November 2021
Arena Flame10 v 12Sapphire
Dolly Blue21 v 13Scorpio
Dolly Gold8 v 18Galaxy Black
Supreme Stars6 v 17Galaxy Meteors
The Riggers NC16 v 9Supreme Gold
29 November 2021
Dolly Gold6 v 18Galaxy Meteors
Scorpio7 v 32Galaxy Black
Supreme Gold9 v 13Arena Flame
The Riggers NC15 v 16Galaxy Comets
06 December 2021
Arena Flame7 v 16Galaxy Comets
Dolly Blue23 v 12Dolly Gold
Scorpio6 v 24Galaxy Meteors
The Riggers NC8 v 11Galaxy Black
13 December 2021
Arena Flame11 v 9Galaxy Black
Sapphire 11 v 14Galaxy Meteors
Supreme Gold13 v 14Dolly Blue
Supreme Stars10 v 17Scorpio
The Riggers NC10 v 14Dolly Gold
03 January 2022
Dolly Gold13 v 14Supreme Stars
Galaxy Black22 v 8Sapphire
Galaxy Comets11 v 18Galaxy Meteors
Scorpio16 v 22Supreme Gold
10 January 2022
Dolly Blue10 v 14Galaxy Black
Dolly Gold8 v 17Scorpio
Supreme Gold21 v 7Supreme Stars
The Riggers NC13 v 18Galaxy Comets
17 January 2022
Arena Flame9 v 9Dolly Gold
Galaxy Black14 v 11Dolly Gold
Galaxy Meteors14 v 7Dolly Blue
Supreme Gold8 v 16Galaxy Comets
Supreme Stars10 v 16Sapphire
24 January 2022
Arena Flame8 v 14Galaxy Comets
Dolly Blue10 v 14Sapphire
Scorpio13 v 25Galaxy Meteors
The Riggers NC11 v 16Galaxy Black
31 January 2022
Arena Flame12 v 8The Riggers NC
Galaxy Black16 v 14Galaxy Meteors
Sapphire 11 v 6Scorpio
Supreme Gold12 v 21Dolly Gold
Supreme Stars11 v 24Dolly Blue
07 February 2022
Arena Flame5 v 12Galaxy Meteors
Sapphire 15 v 23Galaxy Comets
Scorpio10 v 25The Riggers NC
Supreme Gold6 v 19Galaxy Black
Supreme Stars11 v 21Galaxy Comets
14 February 2022
Arena Flame10 v 14Dolly Gold
Dolly Blue18 v 18Galaxy Black
Supreme Gold13 v 10Supreme Stars
The Riggers NC18 v 10Scorpio
28 February 2022
Arena Flame9 v 9The Riggers NC
Dolly Blue17 v 11Scorpio
Dolly Gold12 v 20Galaxy Comets
Galaxy Black23 v 9Supreme Stars
Sapphire 16 v 17Galaxy Meteors
07 March 2022
Arena Flame10 v 10Scorpio
Dolly Blue9 v 23Galaxy Comets
Supreme Gold11 v 15Galaxy Meteors
The Riggers NC21 v 10Sapphire
14 March 2022
Arena Flame15 v 14Supreme Stars
Dolly Gold14 v 14Sapphire
Scorpio16 v 14Supreme Gold
The Riggers NC14 v 11Dolly Blue
21 March 2022
Galaxy Black18 v 29Sapphire
Scorpio15 v 27Galaxy Comets
Supreme Stars7 v 27Galaxy Meteors
The Riggers NC18 v 19Supreme Gold
28 March 2022
Arena Flame16 v 11Dolly Blue
Supreme Gold9 v 10Sapphire
Supreme Stars15 v 16Scorpio
The Riggers NC13 v 13Galaxy Meteors

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