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NW Netball Winter League 2021

Championship Two - Section B
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Trafford Seniors97024303201.3411038
Lindal NC97023092871.082237
Beechwood NC84043272741.195326
City of Manchester NC94053434090.84-6624
Boughton Belles93064244400.96-1623
Warrington Seniors93062983480.86-5021
Manchester Fury81072684130.65-14510
Ribble Valley***90092684340.62-1666
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
10 October 2021
Beechwood NC57 v 29City of Manchester NC
Boughton Belles59 v 37Manchester Fury
Dominoes53 v 54Tameside
Lindal NC47 v 19Ribble Valley
Trafford Seniors36 v 29Warrington Seniors
24 October 2021
Ribble Valley42 v 51Boughton Belles
Tameside40 v 34Beechwood NC
Warrington Seniors35 v 47Lindal NC
31 October 2021
Dominoes51 v 36Manchester Fury
Trafford Seniors52 v 43City of Manchester NC
Warrington Seniors  v  Ribble Valley
14 November 2021
Boughton Belles49 v 63Dominoes
City of Manchester NC22 v 33Lindal NC
Manchester Fury  v  Beechwood NC
Tameside38 v 43Trafford Seniors
28 November 2021
Beechwood NC50 v 43Boughton Belles
Lindal NC  v  Tameside
Warrington Seniors40 v 54City of Manchester NC
12 December 2021
Manchester Fury26 v 66Trafford Seniors
Ribble Valley43 v 62Dominoes
Tameside49 v 38Warrington Seniors
09 January 2022
Beechwood NC33 v 42Dominoes
City of Manchester NC41 v 32Ribble Valley
Lindal NC39 v 28Manchester Fury
Trafford Seniors60 v 33Boughton Belles
23 January 2022
Boughton Belles38 v 42Lindal NC
Manchester Fury31 v 47Warrington Seniors
Ribble Valley25 v 46Beechwood NC
Tameside74 v 33City of Manchester NC
30 January 2022
Tameside68 v 30Ribble Valley
Trafford Seniors36 v 52Dominoes
Warrington Seniors42 v 57Boughton Belles
06 February 2022
Beechwood NC31 v 33Trafford Seniors
Dominoes63 v 32Lindal NC
Manchester Fury33 v 44City of Manchester NC
20 February 2022
City of Manchester NC38 v 36Boughton Belles
Lindal NC31 v 47Beechwood NC
Tameside60 v 27Manchester Fury
Warrington Seniors36 v 45Dominoes
06 March 2022
Beechwood NC29 v 31Warrington Seniors
Boughton Belles58 v 66Tameside
Ribble Valley30 v 69Trafford Seniors
20 March 2022
City of Manchester NC39 v 52Dominoes
Lindal NC38 v 35Trafford Seniors
Manchester Fury50 v 47Ribble Valley

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