Division 6
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Lash and Co2119026173032.0431497
UK Carline2112185033891.2911472
YMCA World Travel2170144445150.86-7147
Lytham Blackrod2160152944740.62-18036
Ricksby Rockets2151151885170.36-32931
She Who Dares2111191905640.34-37410
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway TeamLocationTime
09 September 2021
Fitmums10 v 0Lash and CoAKS19:00
UK Carline32 v 17YMCA World TravelUnity19:00
Daisybees34 v 8She Who DaresUnity20:00
Lytham Blackrod5 v 15Ricksby RocketsAKS20:00
16 September 2021
Ricksby Rockets12 v 23YMCA World TravelUnity20:00
She Who Dares3 v 16Lytham BlackrodAKS20:00
UK Carline19 v 23FitmumsSt Georges20:00
Lash and Co18 v 21DaisybeesSt Georges21:00
23 September 2021
Fitmums23 v 20DaisybeesAKS19:00
UK Carline13 v 14Lash and CoSt Georges19:00
YMCA World Travel29 v 11Lytham BlackrodSt Georges21:00
30 September 2021
Ricksby Rockets4 v 33DaisybeesSt Georges20:00
UK Carline19 v 10Lytham BlackrodAKS20:00
07 October 2021
Lytham Blackrod15 v 27FitmumsAKS19:00
She Who Dares6 v 23YMCA World TravelSt Georges19:00
Ricksby Rockets2 v 38Lash and CoSt Georges21:00
14 October 2021
She Who Dares7 v 32FitmumsAKS20:00
21 October 2021
Lytham Blackrod14 v 39DaisybeesAKS19:00
28 October 2021
Daisybees32 v 28UK CarlineSt Georges19:00
Lash and Co45 v 11Lytham BlackrodAKS19:00
Fitmums35 v 13YMCA World TravelAKS20:00
She Who Dares8 v 17Ricksby RocketsSt Georges20:00
04 November 2021
Lash and Co33 v 8Lytham BlackrodAKS20:00
Ricksby Rockets5 v 40FitmumsSt Georges20:00
Fitmums36 v 18YMCA World TravelSt Georges21:00
11 November 2021
Fitmums21 v 25Lash and CoAKS19:00
UK Carline27 v 21YMCA World TravelSt Georges19:00
Lytham Blackrod28 v 3Ricksby RocketsSt Georges21:00
18 November 2021
Lash and Co39 v 9She Who DaresSt Georges20:00
Ricksby Rockets14 v 11YMCA World TravelAKS20:00
UK Carline28 v 12Lytham BlackrodSt Georges21:00
25 November 2021
UK Carline22 v 31Lash and CoSt Georges19:00
YMCA World Travel33 v 12Lytham BlackrodAKS19:00
Fitmums35 v 24DaisybeesAKS20:00
02 December 2021
Fitmums39 v 20YMCA World TravelAKS20:00
Ricksby Rockets8 v 38DaisybeesSt Georges20:00
09 December 2021
Lytham Blackrod15 v 30FitmumsAKS19:00
Ricksby Rockets14 v 26Lash and CoSt Georges19:00
Daisybees36 v 13UK CarlineSt Georges21:00
16 December 2021
She Who Dares4 v 43FitmumsAKS20:00
YMCA World Travel14 v 30DaisybeesSt Georges20:00
Lash and Co28 v 7Lytham BlackrodSt Georges21:00
06 January 2022
Lytham Blackrod18 v 16DaisybeesAKS19:00
UK Carline23 v 13She Who DaresSt Georges19:00
Ricksby Rockets5 v 38FitmumsAKS20:00
13 January 2022
Fitmums27 v 29Lash and CoAKS19:00
Daisybees35 v 6She Who DaresSt Georges20:00
UK Carline25 v 19YMCA World TravelAKS20:00
Lytham Blackrod12 v 13Ricksby RocketsSt Georges21:00
20 January 2022
UK Carline15 v 28FitmumsAKS19:00
Lash and Co39 v 24DaisybeesSt Georges20:00
She Who Dares10 v 22Lytham BlackrodAKS20:00
Ricksby Rockets16 v 14YMCA World TravelSt Georges21:00
27 January 2022
She Who Dares18 v 9Ricksby RocketsSt Georges19:00
UK Carline14 v 31Lash and CoSt Georges20:00
YMCA World Travel11 v 24Lytham BlackrodAKS20:00
03 February 2022
She Who Dares9 v 25YMCA World TravelStanley Park 19:00
Ricksby Rockets8 v 24DaisybeesStanley Park 20:00
UK Carline19 v 10Lytham BlackrodAKS20:00
10 February 2022
Daisybees22 v 22UK CarlineAKS19:00
She Who Dares14 v 38YMCA World TravelStanley Park 19:00
17 February 2022
Lash and Co20 v 8She Who DaresSt Georges20:00
Ricksby Rockets6 v 27FitmumsAKS20:00
24 February 2022
UK Carline30 v 7She Who DaresAKS19:00
Lash and Co41 v 17YMCA World TravelSt Georges20:00
Lytham Blackrod7 v 23DaisybeesAKS20:00
03 March 2022
Daisybees37 v 25FitmumsAKS19:00
UK Carline37 v 10Ricksby RocketsSt Georges19:00
Lash and Co34 v 21YMCA World TravelAKS20:00
She Who Dares21 v 31Lytham BlackrodSt Georges21:00
10 March 2022
Lytham Blackrod6 v 29FitmumsAKS20:00
Ricksby Rockets10 v 32Lash and CoSt Georges20:00
Daisybees41 v 10She Who DaresSt Georges21:00
14 March 2022
UK Carline32 v 7Ricksby RocketsSt Georges20:00
17 March 2022
She Who Dares12 v 31Lash and CoSt Georges19:00
UK Carline20 v 31FitmumsAKS19:00
YMCA World Travel29 v 35DaisybeesSt Georges21:00
21 March 2022
Lash and Co29 v 15DaisybeesSt Georges20:00
22 March 2022
UK Carline31 v 8Ricksby RocketsBF & C 20:30
24 March 2022
UK Carline34 v 7She Who DaresAKS19:00
She Who Dares8 v 19FitmumsAKS20:00
YMCA World Travel31 v 29DaisybeesSt Georges21:00
31 March 2022
Ricksby Rockets2 v 2She Who DaresStanley Park 19:00
Lash and Co34 v 17YMCA World TravelStanley Park 20:00

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