NW Championship 2
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals AvgGoals +/-Points
Trafford NC Seniors66002671521.7611530
Leyland Excel54012021521.335021
City of Manchester72052212270.97-616
Warrington Town Juniors 53021621890.86-2716
NW Panthers320167880.76-2110
Kingsway Power110035291.2165
Northwich Sapphires 200253800.66-272
Manchester Fury200259890.66-302
Ribble Valley100135500.70-151
Lindal Netball Club200236670.54-311
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
12 June 2021
City of Manchester34 v 33DNA
City of Manchester29 v 35Kingsway Power
City of Manchester33 v 43Leyland Excel
City of Manchester  v  Manchester Fury
City of Manchester46 v 20Northwich Sapphires
DNA  v  Kingsway Power
DNA  v  Lindal Netball Club
DNA  v  Northwich Sapphires
DNA  v  Ribble Valley
DNA  v  Warrington Town Juniors
Kingsway Power  v  Leyland Excel
Kingsway Power  v  Lindal Netball Club
Kingsway Power  v  NW Panthers
Kingsway Power  v  Ribble Valley
Kingsway Power  v  Warrington Town Juniors
Leyland Excel  v  DNA
Leyland Excel  v  Manchester Fury
Leyland Excel50 v 35Ribble Valley
Leyland Excel29 v 43Trafford NC Seniors
Leyland Excel46 v 27Warrington Town Juniors
Lindal Netball Club  v  City of Manchester
Lindal Netball Club14 v 34Leyland Excel
Lindal Netball Club  v  Northwich Sapphires
Lindal Netball Club  v  NW Panthers
Lindal Netball Club  v  Trafford NC Seniors
Manchester Fury  v  DNA
Manchester Fury  v  Kingsway Power
Manchester Fury  v  Lindal Netball Club
Manchester Fury  v  Ribble Valley
Manchester Fury31 v 47Warrington Town Juniors
Northwich Sapphires   v  Kingsway Power
Northwich Sapphires   v  Leyland Excel
Northwich Sapphires   v  Manchester Fury
Northwich Sapphires 33 v 34NW Panthers
Northwich Sapphires   v  Trafford NC Seniors
NW Panthers23 v 21City of Manchester
NW Panthers  v  DNA
NW Panthers  v  Leyland Excel
NW Panthers  v  Manchester Fury
NW Panthers10 v 34Trafford NC Seniors
Ribble Valley  v  City of Manchester
Ribble Valley  v  Lindal Netball Club
Ribble Valley  v  Northwich Sapphires
Ribble Valley  v  NW Panthers
Ribble Valley  v  Trafford NC Seniors
Trafford NC Seniors38 v 28City of Manchester
Trafford NC Seniors50 v 37DNA
Trafford NC Seniors  v  Kingsway Power
Trafford NC Seniors42 v 28Manchester Fury
Trafford NC Seniors60 v 20Warrington Town Juniors
Warrington Town Juniors 35 v 30City of Manchester
Warrington Town Juniors 33 v 22Lindal Netball Club
Warrington Town Juniors   v  Northwich Sapphires
Warrington Town Juniors   v  NW Panthers
Warrington Town Juniors   v  Ribble Valley

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