Division 4
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Tyldesley Terriers202000683379304100
Westhoughton Weavers C20151450538911681
Tyldesley Fusion20150548137210979
Seven Star Gems E20141547233413878
Seven Star Aces D2011184764175964
Tyldesley United2010010450483-3357
Castlehill Roses206113343404-6143
Eagley Sports206014384472-8840
Serenity B206014425547-12238
Russell and Russell203017352617-26524
Castlehill Crusaders202018307464-15722
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
10 September 2019
Castlehill Crusaders21 v 27Tyldesley United
Castlehill Roses10 v 39Tyldesley Terriers
Serenity B13 v 28Seven Star Aces D
11 September 2019
Eagley Sports19 v 20Tyldesley Fusion
Russell and Russell11 v 37Seven Star Gems E
17 September 2019
Seven Star Aces D39 v 15Russell and Russell
Tyldesley Fusion16 v 21Castlehill Roses
Tyldesley United14 v 32Westhoughton Weavers C
18 September 2019
Seven Star Gems E21 v 14Eagley Sports
Tyldesley Terriers31 v 23Castlehill Crusaders
24 September 2019
Castlehill Roses12 v 25Westhoughton Weavers C
Eagley Sports28 v 20Tyldesley United
Seven Star Aces D12 v 24Seven Star Gems E
25 September 2019
Russell and Russell9 v 41Tyldesley Terriers
Serenity B18 v 42Tyldesley Fusion
01 October 2019
Tyldesley United23 v 19Castlehill Roses
Westhoughton Weavers C20 v 17Castlehill Crusaders
02 October 2019
Seven Star Gems E29 v 14Serenity B
Tyldesley Fusion33 v 18Russell and Russell
Tyldesley Terriers33 v 23Eagley Sports
08 October 2019
Seven Star Aces D23 v 30Tyldesley Terriers
09 October 2019
Eagley Sports11 v 17Castlehill Crusaders
Russell and Russell16 v 37Westhoughton Weavers C
Serenity B20 v 35Tyldesley United
Seven Star Gems E27 v 13Tyldesley Fusion
15 October 2019
Tyldesley United37 v 24Russell and Russell
16 October 2019
Castlehill Crusaders12 v 26Castlehill Roses
Tyldesley Fusion20 v 19Seven Star Aces D
Tyldesley Terriers44 v 19Serenity B
Westhoughton Weavers C29 v 26Eagley Sports
23 October 2019
Russell and Russell17 v 15Castlehill Roses
Serenity B20 v 14Castlehill Crusaders
Seven Star Aces D21 v 36Westhoughton Weavers C
Seven Star Gems E25 v 14Tyldesley United
Tyldesley Fusion17 v 32Tyldesley Terriers
29 October 2019
Tyldesley United36 v 22Seven Star Aces D
30 October 2019
Castlehill Crusaders19 v 20Russell and Russell
Castlehill Roses20 v 14Eagley Sports
Tyldesley Terriers22 v 14Seven Star Gems E
Westhoughton Weavers C26 v 25Serenity B
01 November 2019
Westhoughton Weavers C19 v 22Seven Star Gems E
05 November 2019
Seven Star Aces D14 v 13Castlehill Roses
Tyldesley Terriers28 v 16Tyldesley United
06 November 2019
Serenity B27 v 11Eagley Sports
Seven Star Gems E29 v 11Castlehill Crusaders
Tyldesley Fusion15 v 20Westhoughton Weavers C
13 November 2019
Castlehill Crusaders10 v 22Seven Star Aces D
Castlehill Roses24 v 15Serenity B
Eagley Sports25 v 6Russell and Russell
Tyldesley United17 v 27Tyldesley Fusion
19 November 2019
Seven Star Aces D27 v 18Serenity B
Tyldesley Terriers27 v 12Castlehill Roses
Tyldesley United23 v 10Castlehill Crusaders
20 November 2019
Seven Star Gems E19 v 16Russell and Russell
Tyldesley Fusion29 v 7Eagley Sports
26 November 2019
Russell and Russell15 v 39Seven Star Aces D
Tyldesley Fusion25 v 16Castlehill Roses
Westhoughton Weavers C29 v 19Tyldesley United
27 November 2019
Castlehill Crusaders22 v 39Tyldesley Terriers
Eagley Sports13 v 21Seven Star Gems E
03 December 2019
Seven Star Gems E28 v 28Seven Star Aces D
Tyldesley United26 v 20Eagley Sports
Westhoughton Weavers C19 v 19Castlehill Roses
04 December 2019
Serenity B9 v 29Tyldesley Fusion
Tyldesley Terriers40 v 18Russell and Russell
10 December 2019
Castlehill Crusaders8 v 18Westhoughton Weavers C
Castlehill Roses18 v 20Tyldesley United
11 December 2019
Eagley Sports19 v 40Tyldesley Terriers
Russell and Russell23 v 30Tyldesley Fusion
Serenity B17 v 33Seven Star Gems E
18 December 2019
Serenity B39 v 27Russell and Russell
Seven Star Aces D30 v 16Eagley Sports
Seven Star Gems E15 v 16Castlehill Roses
Tyldesley Fusion20 v 16Castlehill Crusaders
Tyldesley Terriers33 v 14Westhoughton Weavers C
08 January 2020
Serenity B25 v 15Castlehill Roses
Seven Star Aces D19 v 12Castlehill Crusaders
09 January 2020
Russell and Russell24 v 30Eagley Sports
Tyldesley Fusion24 v 12Tyldesley United
Westhoughton Weavers C24 v 22Seven Star Gems E
14 January 2020
Tyldesley Terriers36 v 11Seven Star Aces D
15 January 2020
Castlehill Crusaders14 v 22Eagley Sports
Tyldesley Fusion17 v 15Seven Star Gems E
Tyldesley United23 v 21Serenity B
Westhoughton Weavers C30 v 12Russell and Russell
21 January 2020
Russell and Russell15 v 28Tyldesley United
22 January 2020
Castlehill Roses18 v 7Castlehill Crusaders
Eagley Sports20 v 26Westhoughton Weavers C
Serenity B26 v 36Tyldesley Terriers
Seven Star Aces D17 v 27Tyldesley Fusion
29 January 2020
Castlehill Crusaders17 v 26Serenity B
Castlehill Roses17 v 23Russell and Russell
Tyldesley Terriers34 v 29Tyldesley Fusion
Tyldesley United15 v 28Seven Star Gems E
Westhoughton Weavers C21 v 18Seven Star Aces D
04 February 2020
Seven Star Aces D31 v 13Tyldesley United
05 February 2020
Eagley Sports22 v 18Castlehill Roses
Russell and Russell24 v 27Castlehill Crusaders
Serenity B18 v 39Westhoughton Weavers C
Seven Star Gems E19 v 27Tyldesley Terriers
11 February 2020
Castlehill Roses19 v 25Seven Star Aces D
Tyldesley United32 v 41Tyldesley Terriers
12 February 2020
Castlehill Crusaders16 v 23Seven Star Gems E
Eagley Sports29 v 20Serenity B
Westhoughton Weavers C18 v 22Tyldesley Fusion
19 February 2020
Castlehill Crusaders14 v 26Tyldesley Fusion
Castlehill Roses15 v 21Seven Star Gems E
Eagley Sports15 v 31Seven Star Aces D
Russell and Russell19 v 35Serenity B
Westhoughton Weavers C23 v 30Tyldesley Terriers

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