Division 2
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Long Eaton Astros191603718554164261
Allestree 1191504819607212257
Pennine B19140557554233245
Allestree 219901063962019214
Valkyries ***1981106146086198
Derby Diamonds***194015511681-170150
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Season abandoned due to coronavirus pandemic

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
02 September 2019
Allestree 140 v 22Flames
Jets20 v 33Dales
Mandella33 v 40Long Eaton Astros
Pennine B30 v 20Derby Diamonds
Rockets39 v 28Stapleford
Valkyries 33 v 27Allestree 2
09 September 2019
Dales24 v 39Long Eaton Astros
Jets29 v 34Allestree 2
Valkyries 31 v 29Stapleford
16 September 2019
Allestree 138 v 36Mandella
Derby Diamonds35 v 25Flames
Pennine B25 v 35Rockets
23 September 2019
Allestree 142 v 35Dales
Allestree 233 v 29Long Eaton Astros
Jets17 v 41Valkyries
Mandella40 v 22Derby Diamonds
Pennine B29 v 23Stapleford
Rockets37 v 18Flames
30 September 2019
Allestree 139 v 31Long Eaton Astros
Rockets29 v 39Allestree 2
Valkyries 42 v 22Flames
07 October 2019
Allestree 135 v 34Allestree 2
Dales39 v 26Derby Diamonds
Flames14 v 37Stapleford
Jets28 v 38Long Eaton Astros
Mandella39 v 15Rockets
Valkyries 29 v 30Pennine B
14 October 2019
Allestree 1  v  Jets
Dales  v  Rockets
Derby Diamonds27 v 39Allestree 2
Mandella30 v 29Stapleford
Pennine B  v  Flames
Valkyries 33 v 44Long Eaton Astros
21 October 2019
Dales28 v 36Stapleford
Jets25 v 32Derby Diamonds
Pennine B19 v 40Mandella
28 October 2019
Allestree 138 v 28Derby Diamonds
Dales55 v 26Flames
Jets21 v 51Stapleford
Pennine B32 v 28Allestree 2
Rockets31 v 46Long Eaton Astros
Valkyries 28 v 38Mandella
04 November 2019
Allestree 158 v 34Rockets
Allestree 2  v  Flames
Jets31 v 34Pennine B
Long Eaton Astros  v  Stapleford
Mandella37 v 39Dales
Valkyries   v  Derby Diamonds
11 November 2019
Mandella47 v 32Allestree 2
Rockets39 v 30Derby Diamonds
Valkyries 30 v 37Dales
18 November 2019
Allestree 139 v 43Stapleford
Jets36 v 26Flames
Pennine B40 v 27Long Eaton Astros
25 November 2019
Allestree 226 v 32Stapleford
Derby Diamonds23 v 36Long Eaton Astros
Jets42 v 38Rockets
02 December 2019
Allestree 132 v 40Valkyries
Mandella47 v 18Flames
Pennine B30 v 33Dales
09 December 2019
Derby Diamonds24 v 41Stapleford
Jets25 v 42Mandella
Valkyries 31 v 31Rockets
16 December 2019
Allestree 130 v 37Pennine B
Dales30 v 27Allestree 2
Flames0 v 20Long Eaton Astros
06 January 2020
Allestree 143 v 32Jets
Dales35 v 40Rockets
Pennine B33 v 19Flames
13 January 2020
Allestree 246 v 21Flames
Long Eaton Astros39 v 31Stapleford
Valkyries 33 v 30Derby Diamonds
20 January 2020
Allestree 159 v 18Flames
Jets28 v 31Dales
Mandella26 v 29Long Eaton Astros
Pennine B27 v 19Derby Diamonds
Rockets19 v 37Stapleford
Valkyries 31 v 39Allestree 2
27 January 2020
Allestree 152 v 17Mandella
Dales28 v 43Long Eaton Astros
Derby Diamonds36 v 27Flames
Jets31 v 37Allestree 2
Pennine B30 v 27Rockets
Valkyries 24 v 39Stapleford
03 February 2020
Allestree 147 v 30Pennine B
Dales32 v 29Allestree 2
Derby Diamonds23 v 33Stapleford
Flames30 v 58Long Eaton Astros
Jets22 v 44Mandella
Valkyries 22 v 38Rockets
10 February 2020
Allestree 149 v 28Dales
Allestree 224 v 38Long Eaton Astros
Jets27 v 40Valkyries
Mandella51 v 14Derby Diamonds
Pennine B28 v 21Stapleford
Rockets51 v 33Flames
17 February 2020
Allestree 141 v 52Long Eaton Astros
Dales25 v 48Stapleford
Jets40 v 34Derby Diamonds
Pennine B28 v 30Mandella
Rockets38 v 41Allestree 2
Valkyries 47 v 18Flames
24 February 2020
Allestree 139 v 31Allestree 2
Dales29 v 36Derby Diamonds
Flames17 v 53Stapleford
Jets28 v 38Long Eaton Astros
Mandella39 v 26Rockets
Valkyries 25 v 26Pennine B
02 March 2020
Allestree 147 v 38Jets
Dales11 v 40Rockets
Derby Diamonds31 v 38Allestree 2
Mandella32 v 43Stapleford
Pennine B31 v 23Flames
Valkyries 31 v 35Long Eaton Astros
09 March 2020
Allestree 151 v 21Derby Diamonds
Dales33 v 33Flames
Jets16 v 34Stapleford
Pennine B36 v 35Allestree 2
Rockets31 v 36Long Eaton Astros
Valkyries 23 v 49Mandella
23 March 2020
Allestree 1  v  Rockets
Allestree 2  v  Flames
Jets  v  Pennine B
Long Eaton Astros  v  Stapleford
Mandella  v  Dales
Valkyries   v  Derby Diamonds
30 March 2020
Allestree 1  v  Stapleford
Jets  v  Flames
Mandella  v  Allestree 2
Pennine B  v  Long Eaton Astros
Rockets  v  Derby Diamonds
Valkyries   v  Dales
06 April 2020
Allestree 1  v  Valkyries
Allestree 2  v  Stapleford
Derby Diamonds  v  Long Eaton Astros
Jets  v  Rockets
Mandella  v  Flames
Pennine B  v  Dales

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