Billesley and Kings Heath Little League 2019
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Kellys Heroes1090159233646
Syds Diamonds1081156183843
Royalls Rockets105233529632
Lambes Lions103161846-2823
Todds Tigers103073746-922
Brennans Angels1000101962-4310
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Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
30 March 2019
Brennans Angels3 v 8Syds Diamonds
Kellys Heroes10 v 4Todds Tigers
Lambes Lions1 v 1Royalls Rockets
06 April 2019
Brennans Angels0 v 7Kellys Heroes
Lambes Lions7 v 3Brennans Angels
Royalls Rockets6 v 3Todds Tigers
Syds Diamonds6 v 3Kellys Heroes
11 May 2019
Brennans Angels3 v 4Todds Tigers
Kellys Heroes4 v 2Royalls Rockets
Lambes Lions0 v 7Syds Diamonds
Lambes Lions3 v 0Todds Tigers
18 May 2019
Brennans Angels3 v 8Royalls Rockets
Lambes Lions2 v 6Kellys Heroes
Syds Diamonds1 v 1Royalls Rockets
Syds Diamonds4 v 1Todds Tigers
15 June 2019
Brennans Angels1 v 2Lambes Lions
Kellys Heroes3 v 2Syds Diamonds
Royalls Rockets2 v 1Lambes Lions
Syds Diamonds8 v 1Brennans Angels
Todds Tigers3 v 7Royalls Rockets
22 June 2019
Kellys Heroes7 v 3Brennans Angels
Royalls Rockets2 v 5Kellys Heroes
Syds Diamonds8 v 0Lambes Lions
Todds Tigers8 v 1Brennans Angels
Todds Tigers10 v 1Lambes Lions
29 June 2019
Kellys Heroes8 v 1Lambes Lions
Royalls Rockets3 v 1Brennans Angels
Royalls Rockets3 v 7Syds Diamonds
Todds Tigers1 v 6Kellys Heroes
Todds Tigers3 v 5Syds Diamonds

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