Division 6
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
Dominoes 4th18150360440320148
Hyde C1812064734185540
Manchester Flava 6***1811074243943038
Trafford 10th***1810085054386737
Southside 2nd***188010325395-7030
Priestnall 3rd185112400463-6327
Poynton C184014331515-18421
Holmes Place 2nd***185013280369-8920
City of Manchester 4th***184014316495-17919
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
02 October 2017
Poynton C27 v 35Trafford 10th
Southside 2nd19 v 18Holmes Place 2nd
Wilmslow28 v 23Dominoes 4th
09 October 2017
Manchester Flava 638 v 23City of Manchester 4th
Poynton C16 v 40Dominoes 4th
Priestnall 3rd18 v 19Southside 2nd
Trafford 10th19 v 14Holmes Place 2nd
Wilmslow28 v 12Hyde C
16 October 2017
Holmes Place 2nd19 v 36Hyde C
Poynton C18 v 28Priestnall 3rd
Southside 2nd32 v 18City of Manchester 4th
Trafford 10th26 v 36Dominoes 4th
23 October 2017
City of Manchester 4th22 v 48Dominoes 4th
Hyde C30 v 13Southside 2nd
Manchester Flava 619 v 34Poynton C
Priestnall 3rd22 v 25Trafford 10th
Wilmslow23 v 3Holmes Place 2nd
30 October 2017
Dominoes 4th24 v 13Southside 2nd
Holmes Place 2nd35 v 15Manchester Flava 6
Poynton C15 v 28Hyde C
Priestnall 3rd15 v 28Wilmslow
Trafford 10th39 v 17City of Manchester 4th
06 November 2017
City of Manchester 4th15 v 31Poynton C
Holmes Place 2nd32 v 14Priestnall 3rd
Hyde C25 v 38Dominoes 4th
Manchester Flava 623 v 36Trafford 10th
Southside 2nd5 v 28Wilmslow
13 November 2017
Holmes Place 2nd12 v 22Dominoes 4th
Manchester Flava 618 v 26Hyde C
Poynton C28 v 26Southside 2nd
Priestnall 3rd26 v 15City of Manchester 4th
Trafford 10th25 v 35Wilmslow
20 November 2017
City of Manchester 4th26 v 33Holmes Place 2nd
Dominoes 4th40 v 28Priestnall 3rd
Hyde C40 v 30Trafford 10th
Southside 2nd23 v 28Manchester Flava 6
Wilmslow45 v 6Poynton C
27 November 2017
City of Manchester 4th12 v 33Wilmslow
Dominoes 4th30 v 33Manchester Flava 6
Holmes Place 2nd29 v 8Poynton C
Hyde C23 v 22Priestnall 3rd
Southside 2nd18 v 28Trafford 10th
15 January 2018
City of Manchester 4th17 v 19Hyde C
Dominoes 4th36 v 28Wilmslow
Holmes Place 2nd14 v 30Southside 2nd
Priestnall 3rd16 v 27Manchester Flava 6
Trafford 10th30 v 18Poynton C
22 January 2018
City of Manchester 4th32 v 26Manchester Flava 6
Dominoes 4th38 v 19Poynton C
Holmes Place 2nd18 v 47Trafford 10th
Hyde C16 v 29Wilmslow
Southside 2nd15 v 14Priestnall 3rd
29 January 2018
Hyde C35 v 14Holmes Place 2nd
Priestnall 3rd35 v 24Poynton C
05 February 2018
Dominoes 4th38 v 22City of Manchester 4th
Holmes Place 2nd16 v 33Wilmslow
Poynton C24 v 35Manchester Flava 6
Southside 2nd21 v 20Hyde C
Trafford 10th25 v 26Priestnall 3rd
12 February 2018
City of Manchester 4th14 v 29Trafford 10th
Hyde C37 v 21Poynton C
Manchester Flava 63 v 0Holmes Place 2nd
Southside 2nd17 v 46Dominoes 4th
Wilmslow21 v 21Priestnall 3rd
19 February 2018
Dominoes 4th38 v 23Hyde C
Poynton C16 v 20City of Manchester 4th
Trafford 10th0 v 3Manchester Flava 6
Wilmslow0 v 3Southside 2nd
26 February 2018
Dominoes 4th3 v 0Holmes Place 2nd
Wilmslow32 v 17Trafford 10th
05 March 2018
Holmes Place 2nd3 v 0City of Manchester 4th
Manchester Flava 630 v 24Southside 2nd
Poynton C10 v 34Wilmslow
Priestnall 3rd24 v 37Dominoes 4th
Trafford 10th28 v 29Hyde C
12 March 2018
Manchester Flava 636 v 27Dominoes 4th
Poynton C3 v 0Holmes Place 2nd
Priestnall 3rd16 v 34Hyde C
Trafford 10th35 v 26Southside 2nd
Wilmslow39 v 16City of Manchester 4th
19 March 2018
Manchester Flava 631 v 19Priestnall 3rd
21 March 2018
Dominoes 4th40 v 31Trafford 10th
Southside 2nd21 v 13Poynton C
22 March 2018
Hyde C22 v 15City of Manchester 4th
Wilmslow24 v 23Manchester Flava 6
28 March 2018
Priestnall 3rd33 v 20Holmes Place 2nd
29 March 2018
City of Manchester 4th3 v 0Southside 2nd
05 April 2018
Hyde C18 v 36Manchester Flava 6
Manchester Flava 60 v 3Wilmslow
12 April 2018
City of Manchester 4th29 v 23Priestnall 3rd

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