Division 5
League Points Table
Team NamePlayedWonDrawnLossGoals ScoredGoals AgainstGoals +/-Points
MMN Rangers16140248131616544
Bramhall 4th1611054343429238
City of Manchester 3rd1611054473608738
Andillon 1st1610064233685536
Poynton B1610064363983836
Trafford 9th166010410494-8426
Trafford Red C***166010319312724
Trafford 8th162014372530-15816
Denton 3rd***162014278480-20213
***Penalties Applied - Please see Results Table

Home TeamScore ScoreAway Team
02 October 2017
Andillon 1st23 v 30City of Manchester 3rd
Bramhall 4th40 v 21Denton 3rd
Trafford 8th20 v 37MMN Rangers
Trafford Red C0 v 3Poynton B
09 October 2017
Andillon 1st20 v 28Poynton B
Bramhall 4th39 v 23Trafford 9th
City of Manchester 3rd32 v 20Trafford 8th
Denton 3rd12 v 33MMN Rangers
16 October 2017
Bramhall 4th28 v 16City of Manchester 3rd
Denton 3rd23 v 30Trafford 9th
MMN Rangers31 v 15Trafford Red C
Trafford 8th27 v 41Poynton B
23 October 2017
Andillon 1st26 v 23Bramhall 4th
City of Manchester 3rd33 v 19Denton 3rd
Poynton B33 v 41Trafford 9th
Trafford Red C25 v 18Trafford 8th
30 October 2017
Bramhall 4th27 v 26Trafford Red C
Denton 3rd26 v 35Poynton B
MMN Rangers15 v 27Andillon 1st
Trafford 9th34 v 17Trafford 8th
06 November 2017
Andillon 1st34 v 10Denton 3rd
MMN Rangers34 v 19City of Manchester 3rd
Poynton B24 v 27Bramhall 4th
Trafford Red C23 v 29Trafford 9th
13 November 2017
Andillon 1st27 v 25Trafford Red C
Bramhall 4th35 v 28Trafford 8th
City of Manchester 3rd27 v 24Poynton B
MMN Rangers30 v 20Trafford 9th
20 November 2017
Poynton B27 v 25MMN Rangers
Trafford 8th23 v 24Andillon 1st
Trafford 9th20 v 39City of Manchester 3rd
Trafford Red C38 v 13Denton 3rd
27 November 2017
MMN Rangers29 v 22Bramhall 4th
Trafford 8th28 v 24Denton 3rd
Trafford 9th19 v 41Andillon 1st
Trafford Red C27 v 37City of Manchester 3rd
15 January 2018
City of Manchester 3rd22 v 24Andillon 1st
Denton 3rd20 v 39Bramhall 4th
MMN Rangers45 v 18Trafford 8th
Poynton B34 v 24Trafford Red C
22 January 2018
MMN Rangers31 v 5Denton 3rd
Trafford 8th21 v 31City of Manchester 3rd
Trafford 9th26 v 24Bramhall 4th
29 January 2018
City of Manchester 3rd24 v 21Bramhall 4th
Poynton B38 v 28Trafford 8th
Trafford 9th27 v 26Denton 3rd
Trafford Red C24 v 25MMN Rangers
05 February 2018
Bramhall 4th31 v 20Andillon 1st
Denton 3rd15 v 47City of Manchester 3rd
Trafford 9th21 v 36Poynton B
12 February 2018
Poynton B3 v 0Denton 3rd
19 February 2018
Bramhall 4th28 v 23Poynton B
City of Manchester 3rd23 v 27MMN Rangers
Denton 3rd27 v 26Andillon 1st
Trafford 9th16 v 33Trafford Red C
26 February 2018
Trafford 8th14 v 28Bramhall 4th
Trafford 9th25 v 32MMN Rangers
Trafford Red C22 v 14Andillon 1st
05 March 2018
Andillon 1st34 v 13Trafford 8th
City of Manchester 3rd31 v 21Trafford 9th
Denton 3rd0 v 3Trafford Red C
MMN Rangers41 v 22Poynton B
12 March 2018
Andillon 1st35 v 27Trafford 9th
Bramhall 4th19 v 22MMN Rangers
City of Manchester 3rd3 v 0Trafford Red C
Denton 3rd37 v 33Trafford 8th
19 March 2018
Trafford Red C0 v 3Bramhall 4th
21 March 2018
Andillon 1st18 v 24MMN Rangers
Poynton B36 v 33City of Manchester 3rd
22 March 2018
Trafford 8th32 v 34Trafford Red C
28 March 2018
Poynton B29 v 30Andillon 1st
29 March 2018
Trafford 8th32 v 31Trafford 9th

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